HELP! Dye rubbing off?

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  1. I purchased an all chalk Swagger at Dillard's a little over a month ago. It's my absolute favorite bag. Even though I carry it all the time, I'm very careful with it. I treated with Apple Garde before using, have cleaned it regularly and inspect the handles and parts that touch my skin and clothing after every use to make sure I don't miss a dirty spot. It's already mid-90s here in Texas so I'm always diligent to wipe the handles clean after use in order to remove any oil and sweat that might build up.

    You can imagine my horror when I go to clean and spray today and I notice a tiny mark on the underside of the back handle. About the thickness of a pen mark, maybe half a cm in length. I know it's not pen because I never have pens near my bag. So I get out my Coach cleaner and dab a bit on, carefully tying to blend away the mark. Well, the mark expanded. It almost looks as if the dye is rubbing off the handle! It's on the underside so not visible at all, but this really bothers me! I've done everything I could to keep this bag clean. Is it normal for dye to rub off? All I used was the Coach cleaner on a microfiber cloth. What do I do now? Can I take the bag to Coach to have it looked over even though I bought it at Dillard's? I'm sure Dillard's won't let me exchange since I've had it past 30 days, but I'm wondering if this is a defect? Not happy right now!

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  2. I hate to say it, but it's pretty typical - the color of the leather is only skin deep.
  3. First off, I'm sorry to see and hear the saga. You were a happy carrier of a pretty bag bag and then you found you have ever caused to be unhappy. If you bought it at a boutique, take it back and show them and tell them your entire routine with the bag. Rolled handles like that can be made as a thinish piece of leather, so that it's pliable enough to be sewn over a structural support. The piece of leather is dyed but apparently the color is not saturated right through the leather. It rarely is. See what Coach says. I am hesitant to say this but it's possible that you've used the cleaner to the point where it not only takes off the dirt and oil but is also taking off the color. The cleaner has certain properties in it… and I can't say what Coach's has… but it is at least strong enough to lift dirt and probably clean up color transfer, so it can penetrate into the leather and lift spots but also color. I think that might be what you're seeing. I've had that same look on some bags that I've used over time and the color has worn off from handling. It's also possible that the swagger handles can't take heavy use in a hot climate but I haven't heard any complaints like that. You might ask in the Clubhouse if anyone else is noticing this. If you have your receipt, I would hope they would consider replacing the bag. Sometimes they take it in for fixing instead. Their leather team would know just what to do with that flaw pending on what they think is the cause. Good luck!
  4. ^ sorry for the weird typos in the above message. I dictate and on the phone it's a little small to see some of the errors. Hope you get the drift anyway. Much luck in getting a good resolution with Coach.
  5. Typical even for a bag slightly over a month old and that I carry maybe an hour a day several days a week at the most? I've carried other bags much more heavily and have never experienced this.

    Thanks for your input! I bought it at Dillard's; the boutique doesn't sell this particular bag. I don't expect a replacement since I didn't buy directly from Coach, but I think I will take it in to see if they can fix it. I understand that any bag will show signs of wear after prolonged use, but I feel this is way too premature. Maybe you're right and it is from the cleaner. I clean it according to the instructions so never thought I'd run into a problem like this. This is the 8th Swagger I've owned and never had the problem before, not even on other light-colored ones! I almost wonder that since this is a dept. store only version that maybe it isn't the same quality as the boutique ones? The lining is also much stiffer than my other Swaggers and the hardware not as heavy.

    Regardless, I still love this bag and I'm glad the spot at least isn't visible when wearing!

  6. Entirely plausible - there were people on this forum that had corner wear on their Legacy Duffles, Mollys, Rorys, etc after carrying it as carefully as you did and for as long as you did, and some sooner than that!
  7. That damage is not repairable. I am not familiar with Dillard's but it you have the receipt it's worth a try to return it as damaged.

    Is it something you can live with?
  8. OP, it's not reparable but if it happens to make its way back to Coach through Dillards or directly sent by you to Coach, they may swap the handles out for new ones, given the short time you've had it. I had a small, unusual bag from Coach two years ago that I bought at Macy's (may have been an exclusive to Macy's because I never saw it anywhere else ) and when I loaded her up, not right away because I had let months go by before wanting to use the bag, the whole back fell out. It was not affixed in any way to the bag. I sent it to Coach/Jax with a letter and the credit card receipt not expecting much. About a month later with no warning or reply, it it was delivered back to me completely repaired. I was amazed! I considered it a good example of Coach standing by it's merchandise whether bought in a boutique or in a department store ... it's all Coach craftsmanship. Try different avenues because you are right that your bag isn't old enough to have that kind of color loss. Even if you're frustrated in the attempt, at least you made it!

    Now to complete the story, here's the little bag and imagine my loading it then picking it up and the entire back wall and my stuff fall out on the floor. It's bag slapstick and the long journey of the bag owner has moments like this, and like yours. (sorry this pic is so large and hope it's ok to offer a personal anecdote.) :smile:

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  9. Good to know! I had no idea this even happened so early.

    I can surely live with it even though it's annoying. I'm more frustrated that I paid full price ($450) and already have this issue. Never had this problem with a Coach bag before.

    I'll definitely stop in at my boutique when I get a chance. The ladies and gents are very helpful there so it can't hurt to try! I know Dillard's won't do anything. The SA at the Coach section is very rude, to say the least. I hate buying from her (and my Dillard's in general), but had to have this bag! As I said, I can definitely live with it since it isn't in a noticeable location. I just feel like one should't have to deal with an issue like this so early on in a bag's life.

    Also, thank you for sharing your story! I'm glad things worked out for you. This is why I love Coach!
  10. I would have a hard time paying $450 for a bag and having a problem like this...I would definitely take it back and try to get a credit or exchange. :smile:
  11. It does look like the dye is wearing off, although I'm amazed it happened so soon. How often do you clean it? If you don't have any luck reaching out to Coach, I imagine you could also use a little white leather paint to make the mark less apparent. Good luck!
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    Coach bags generally have one year warranty if purchased from authorized retailer. Boutiques will help with this even for purchase made elsewhere, as long as you have receipt for purchase made <12 months ago. Have a wallet w/some wear on studs, mentioned to SA during boutique visit- he immediately said to bring it in w/ receipt for warranty repair.

    Happy to hear your success story- bag slapstick should always end this way!! Congrats on your beautiful, unique -and now intact-bag!
  13. Given it's age i would most definitely speak with Coach, they have a warranty and should do something.. over time i can see this happening(especially w/lighter colors) but not within a month.
  14. Thank you all for the help. When I get a chance, I'll grab my receipt and bring this bag into my local boutique. Will let you all know what they do!
  15. I was finally able to take my bag in to Coach to see what they could do. The SA wasn't sure they could fix it under warranty since it was a dept. store exclusive even though it was showing up in their system. She told me she had to check with someone else then would call back the following day. No call the following day so I gave them one more day then called back myself. Talked to a different SA and he said they'd be able to fix it, but depending on whether Coach deemed it customer caused or not, I may have to pay to have the handle replaced. I wasn't really thrilled with having to send my month-and-a-half-old bag in and possibly have to pay to have it fixed, but if it's what I had to do...

    My husband had the bright idea to take it in to Dillard's to see if they could do anything even though it was past the 30 day return period. Worst case, I just drop if off at Coach for repair if they couldn't, best case I come out with a new bag. Lo and behold, they let me return it and gave me store credit! Unfortunately, they had no other chalk bags in the store. I ended up with the new edgestain Swagger. At first I was really disappointed to have to part with chalk, but I haven't looked back since I got the edgestain bag. It's just so unique! It's kind of relieving to know that I won't have to baby this one like I did the chalk.
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