Hayden-Harnett SHOPPING CHAT thread!

  1. I agree. Doesn't make sense.

    Bug them, bug them, bug them!
  2. now its later this week....so glad i didn't do the 40% sale
  3. MolMol I hope you get your Hadley! I'm still crossing my fingers about my tan Wyeth from the memorial day sale.
  4. I'm amazed at how they can tell people things (a bag is in stock, the bag will be shipped on this specific day, etc.) with seeming certainty, and they are actually as clueless as they come! Or lying. I just don't get it.
  5. Yeah, I'm really turned off by their uninformed reps...and the lies. Here's a thought...why not just be up front and honest? :shrugs:
  6. Dream, you haven't received your Wyeth yet??
  7. monkeytail and renza...I'm excited for you guys!!! I hope things turn out well and you both get your bags soon. If this goes well, I'm going to give serious thoughts about Ochre.

    I seriously hope things turn around for the better soon for HH.
  8. MolMol and dream...crossing my fingers for you guys!!! I hope you get them soon, too! Sending you guys good vibes!!!
  9. Does anyone follow them on twitter?
  10. I know. The reps should be informed - that's part of their job, right? And honesty would probably get them more orders! If people feel like they're never going to get the true story on their order, they probably won't bother. DUH.
  11. I had a dream last night about the Ochre Barnard, that it came in 2 sizes and there was also a dirty olive version. ARRRRRRGH!
  12. Final answer from HH (which I had to go ask for, again, on the website, as no one wrote me back by Friday as promised - well, no one wrote me back, period, nor an apology for forgetting to get back to me) -- gift cards cards and store credits CANNOT be combined with promotional codes. They are, according to HH, the same as promotional codes.

    so i will make one final massive purchase at some point with my "promotional" gift card and that's it.

    4.5 years of purchases later, i am done with HH.
  13. I think they need to put that on their website, on the GC purchase page, and watch as GC sales drop even lower than I'm sure they already are. I'm also not 100% sure that's legal, but I'm not a lawyer, I just harass our legal department at work on all things GC related because I have to make sure our e-comm follows the law.
  14. i've mentioned that twice to them, as there is nothing on their gift card purchase page or their FAQs about this, but the response i kept getting was something along the lines of 'i'll pass on your feedback to the ceo'.

    i am, of course, not done w/ this board ;)
  15. I just asked oana about general availability of bags, as it's impossible to tell if something is in stock or not, and she said that (and i quote) "Yes, everything is made to order ."

    so i said:
    how long does it take on average to receive an order after placing it?

    3-4 weeks for the bag to be made and an additional 5 bsiness days for delivery

    which is fine, except.. weren't people told certain things were in stock? and is this info anywhere on the product pages?