Hayden-Harnett SHOPPING CHAT thread!

  1. Yes I emailed after you said that the Pomp was pre-order even though it didn't show a date, and Oana told me that the coralline nackie is currently in-stock but the bunny scarf was not since all scarves are made to order. I was looking through the site and I actually don't see a pre-order date for any items now--does anyone else? :thinking: We know most things aren't in-stock...

    I think I might get the coralline nackie since I have been wanting it since it first appeared and Oana says it's in-stock. If HH ends up giving me the runaround and it gets ugly I can file with my cc company as a last resort.
  2. I suppose if it is in stock and would ship quickly it'd be a good buy.
  3. Is the Nackie in Teak in stock? I kind of want a Pomp and Pilot too, they ain't in stock right? I was never interested when they were original released, but now I am. I'm sure they'll be around in a couple of months as well.
  4. I got the mailer too and was thinking about finally pulling the trigger on a Kitana. I don't know if I have the patience.

    That's totally BS about the GCs. GCs are real money.
  5. Hahaha, not to them! Once they've got yur money, allll bets are off!

    Omg, there's a coral GAZA on the bay that's ending in like 30 min! No bids, like $90 plus shipping. Omg, WHO is going to get it, so I don't have to stalk the seller lol, if it doesn't sell... :sneaky: (she lives supa close to me!) Brand. New.
  6. I've been looking at this too! I'm definitely thinking about it...
  7. ^^I'd like it, but have NO monies...
  8. That problem sounds familiar Piggy. I really don't have the money either since I just bought three pairs of Danskos at Nordstrom Rack. One pair was on super clearance for $22! I have wanted a Gaza forever, but I'm still thinking about it.
  9. That's a great price on Danskos miss C.

    Someone should totally get that Gaza.
  10. On second thought, I don't think I'll be around when the auction ends. I hope someone gets it. I was looking at completed auctions and it seems like there has been a lot of good HH stuff going for low prices lately. Interesting.

    Our Rack got a makeover and it's really nice now. They even have roaming people like at the Apple store and you can pay with them. No line unless you want to pay cash. I was in California last week and got some awesome deals at a Rack there too. I'm swimming in Danskos.:smile:
  11. Hmm there's a black Kitana listed on the 'bay. Whoever was looking for one, but didn't want to go through the HH site mess....here's your chance!
  12. If everything is made to order, why are so many colors missing?

    Tried to do chat yesterday about using store credit and the cs rep stopped responding, gave up after 15 minutes. Tried today to find out about Nico colors available and never got a response.
  13. are they around on the weekend? i tried on saturday but it just directed me to leave a message after i typed one line.

    when i left my conversation on Friday afternoon I was told "I will definitely have a response for you before 5 pm today." Of course now it is Sunday with the sale scheduled to end tonight and i haven't heard anything.
  14. either everything is in stock or they stopped writing the dates when things will come in so they don't have to use the preorder promise....I had to email twice to get mine...
  15. They used to be around on the weekend, but perhaps that went with the store.

    I had decided to go for the denim nico, but can no longer find it on the site, well I found it but the only color listed is teracotta(have a tharpe).

    Toni had been making such a strong come back with new designs, board presence, and real CS. I feel like the new ptb just don't care.