Hayden-Harnett SHOPPING CHAT thread!

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    Here's my last one:


    (If someone uses it, make sure to post that you have!)
  2. no prob!! i think i have another one too...will have to dig in my email a bit :smile:
  3. I got the Ibiza down to $137.27, still in my cart
  4. Shipping is $31 to Canada. Anyone here use the Fedex option? It's cheaper but I am afraid of getting hit with brokerage fees.
  5. Anyone buy the bikini? I love the print but not sure of the fit. I am not sure if boyshorts would good on me.
  6. I was once "upgraded" to FedEx without being told and the brokerage fees + customs were exhorbitant. I'd advise against it. With USPS at least the service charge is only $5 and sometimes a package will make it through without any customs.
  7. If anyone needs my $25 code PM me

  8. Hmm, maybe THAT's the problem!!! :thinking:
  9. ^^ Nah, if that was the case, I'd never get any!!
  10. pigalle, I'm thinking about the Ibiza too. I have a trip to San Francisco coming up next month and I want to travel in style...
  11. Thanks for the warning! Some sites have the brokerage and taxes included with the shipping, wish everyone worked like that.
  12. :biggrin::p
  13. I'm trying to pretend I didn't just see that Brandy Athena sac and Thorn Jackson wallet on the bon. I'm gonna resist, but I do wish someone would take away the temptation because I am weak. :push:
  14. ^^Ditto to that. Same two things I was eyeing!!!:p
  15. That booth is taunting me tonight!! I think the prices are very good too,which makes it even more taunting!!