Hayden-Harnett SHOPPING CHAT thread!

  1. $137.27 shipped
  2. :lolots:
  3. Thank you Chez!! Lol! (I cracked up too Jenni!)

    Oh,Is that with or without my Groupon? Lol!!
  4. Without your groupon and without tax (I think only those who live in NYS pay tax.)
  5. Thanks Chez! Are you an accountant by any chance? (Only NY pays tax)
  6. no, I just shop online too much!!!

    I think that someone has introduced a bill into Congress to collect sales tax on ALL internet purchases.

    http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-20009603-38.html :rant:
  7. All the NY HHHotties should join together, get a P.O Box in NJ, and have their bags shipped there, eliminating the tax that's paid. It would be cheaper to drive there to pick up, no?:lol::shrugs:

    Then use the money saved for more bags, or lunch get-togethers!!:graucho:

    ^^Above post

    Well, there goes the NJ idea!!:p
  8. In case anyone is wondering, with the $25 + friendsforever, noemi is now $104.15 with east coast shipping. =)

    Let's hope it's really in stock!

    Thank you to a lovely HHHottie for the $25 code :urock:

    (I never got any despite two orders last week...but I always have trouble with their emails....)
  9. I stopped receiving emails altogether & have complained numerous times. I signed up on my sisters' email account & she receives them all the time. Wish I knew why I don't get them anymore. I wonder if it's because I don't pay full price...
  10. ^^Well, then my emails should stop coming any day now!!! lol
  11. This is the response when I tried to sign up for HH's email list: I sent it to HH & got an apology but STILL don't get the emails!

    Dear Customer Support,

    This is the message I get when I try to sign up with my new email address:

    Error: connect to localhost failed (Connection refused) connect to localhost failed connect to localhost failed (Connection refused) no (more) retries!

    Can you put me back on the email list?
  12. Does anyone have a $25 off $125 coupon that I can have? HH ate the one that they gave me. Thanks in advance!
  13. Here is mine that I am not using:

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    ^ Thanks ginamae! I'm going to use it now.

    ETA: It looks like someone used it already because it's not working. Can someone please PM me their $25 off $125 code that they're not using. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!