Hayden-Harnett SHOPPING CHAT thread!

  1. ITA! Magna folio :drool:
  2. I don't think they made too many of the Magna Folio. That one really is rare! I remember that Nikki & Carly had one similar to that. Forgot the name though. The leather & eel skin is amazing!
  3. ^ I can't recall which ones they had but I remember that the bags with the eel skin & leather were the Monroe Shoulder Bag and the Tart Tote. :yes:

    I'm tempted by the Magna Folio but I need to see modeling pictures. :thinking:
  4. ^ Thanks EHB. I found the old HH page with them but it looks kind of big.

    I think the Monroe would be better for me based on the sizing but not 100% yet. :thinking:
  5. Inquiring minds want to know: who bought the Metallic Violet Pilot? ;) :graucho:
  6. Yeah, I remember those Folio bags being quite large.
  7. I have the Folio and it is pretty big but it kinda smooshes to your body and doesn't carry as big as it looks. I get so many compliments from it. Love it! BTW I'm 5'6".
  8. I had one and returned it because it was too big for someone my size...5'2".

    It was lovely though.
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    ^ Yeah I'm 5'3 so I don't think it will good on someone with my height.

    I love the eel skin though! I saw it IRL at the Chicago SS and it was TDF! If you're a hottie that loves big bold bags then the Magna Folio is for you!
  10. She is so pretty and huge!!!
  11. Did anyone here get the PL and/or the VCP Ramones? I was tempted by the PL Ramone, but I have to remind myself that I wasn't crazy about the texture when I fondled it at the Chicago SS.
  12. There was a PL Ramone somewhere!? :crybaby:
  13. the Magne is pretty but I don't think I can ever buy an eelskin bag. I have too many memories of the wallets that were popular in the 80s that smelled a little funny.