Have you ever been *really* disappointed by a polish?

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  1. Maybe it looks better in the bottle... Or it looks nothing like the photos... Or the formula's like mud....

    What polishes have disappointed or surprised you?

    One that fools me everytime I use it is L'Oreal Brit Invasion. It's a gorgeous deep lavender with gold shimmer in the bottle, but on the nail its a deep brown shimmer that's frosty in some lights. Not bad, but not like the bottle:
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  2. LOL a big YES!!! Chanel Sunrise Trip, the most BAD, BAD nail polish I own up to now :noggin:. The color is beautiful but formula is :cursing: I'm painting my nails for more than 30yrs. lol
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  3. Chanel Vamp (the release just a couple of years ago) and Essie Turks & Caicos. The formulas streak like mad!
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  4. I have been, but this polish is lovely on you regardless!
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  5. YES, I really paid more than I should for this polish, got it home, put it on and hate it. I've also been very dissapointed by a couple of Indie polishes I purchased this summer.
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  6. My biggest disappointment was Butter London's Disco Biscuit. It was so pretty but chipped so quickly, every time. I was so frustrated that I got rid of it with a Makeup Alley Swap.
  7. Oh my yes! She IS chippy... Butter London formulas are sometimes hit or miss for me, but I love the bottles so it's harder than it should be for me to part with one... I can't be a polish hoarder if I just obsess over ones in square bottles, right? :angel::nuts:
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  8. I would go with Zoya's Aspen. I was so looking forward to wearing it, because the notion of having glistening snow on your fingernails... sounds amazing, right!? But my Aspen had a terrible formula. Pretty goopy... you had to do three coats to make it look OK. It never dried either.
  9. Ooh yes, I've also been lulled by the idea of "glistening snow" on winter nails! White polishes are so hard to get right.

    I also keep falling for whites with shimmer that look gorgeous in the bottle but don't work on my nails. I tried sooo hard to make Tennis Corset (gold microshimmer) & Diorific Winter work... till my coworker said they give me "chronic smoker nails" :facepalm::lol:
  10. There whole Zoya neon set was a waste of money last year.
  11. Butter London (I had 2 bottles shatter just from me trying to open them - not forcefully either!) - Done with that brand.
    China Glaze - I LOVE the colors but they chip so quickly on me!
  12. OPI is the best.. dries beautifully too
  13. Zoya Charisma. Somehow it just doesn't look the same when it dries. I don't mean because it's a matte polish (as it turns out because when it came out... Who Knew??) but even with a topcoat it just doesn't look as pretty.
  14. The Essie Cashmere collection was beautiful but the formula is a nightmare!
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  15. yes most of them chip in 2 hrs max for me.