Have you ever been *really* disappointed by a polish?

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  1. Yes many times but I did luck out with Nailberry..
  2. Most nudes disappoint me, I often choose wrong and they end up a frosty pink, which doesn't match my skin tone.
  3. I was super excited to buy nail polish in South Korea as I heard it was amazing, so I bought a TON in different brands to try out formulas and colors. I haven't found a winner yet! They all go on beautifully, no streaks... but then dry super "thin" and chip in a day or two, even with a (Korean) top coat. I'm going to try a different brand of top coat next... hopefully that helps.
  4. I tried a burgundy color (can’t remember the name) in Essie’s long wear. It goes on without a base coat. Starting chipping after 2 days, not a week as promised. I also had severely stained nails afterward. It’s a big no!!

    I've had better luck with their darker colors and metallics but even then Million Mile Hues chips after a day or two on me. I don't have long nails and even with different top coats there's just sadness.

    Love the color though. I'll put it on the day of an event if I really want to wear it. Sigh.
  6. Clarins 230 aka Unicorn Pee. I was completely underwhelmed considering the hype.
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  7. Essie in general has been disappointing ): And my quest to find a dupe for Dior's Lady polish still remains.
  8. Really disappointed by Chanel 501, impossible to apply evenly and with full coverage. Colour is gorgeous though.
    Another disappointment Deborah Lippman Pseudo Silk Kimono, what a fab varnish BUT the smudges! after several coats still uneven :sad:
  9. Any polish by Ciate. Watery, streaky, awful.
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  10. It's the reason I quite buying China Glaze.
  11. Chanel polishes (gorgeous colors, horrible wear) and Butter London (same issues).