Has anyone seen pics of the new act 2 Pink Maxi?

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  1. Thanks ladies!!! Yay! The pink looks like its faded, I hope its darker IRL.
  2. OMG, if this color comes in caviar I'm finished.
  3. The pink looks a little "Pale", but its very nice!! :yahoo:Thanks for the pic Alice;)
  4. Yeah sorry for the faded pic. It is actually very pretty IRL with the pewter hw. I'll ask Lesly for better pic.
  5. JENN!!!! Im so done. This is the last flap I will ever get. LOL. fluffy lambskin. yumm
  6. ^ Famous last words! LOL! :biggrin:

    I would love to see this and the other Act 2 classic flaps in person!
  7. OMG, oh my :heart:...

    i don't do pink bags! must say to myself 987659999X... don't do pink, don't WANT pink... no NEED pink...

    dang it! its such a classy pink and i luv nudey hues! that pewter/gunmetal hw doesn't help either... looks so girly w/ a tomboyish streak :nuts:
  8. OMG!!!!!

    if this is gonna come in caviar i'm gonna go weak.... hv been pining for a pink caviar for the longest time.......:nuts:
  9. I was told at the Chanel Truck Show at SCP today that this bag will be out Aug or Sep 2009 in lambskin only. Size will be maxi.
  10. Oh I do hope it comes in caviar - I also want to add a pink to my collection :girlsigh:
  11. i just got a YSL lipstick and gloss in this pink today. Im ready!!!!
  12. LOL, really D? . :nuts: Like Steph said, I also vowed by those famous last words..hmm.. years ago? :P 380932848 bags later and I'm still at it. ;) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you though...

    Speaking of fluffy lambskin. My metallic grey lamb jumbo arrived today and I am officially no longer a lambskin virgin. I figured if I'm going to get over my fear, the metallic grey is the way to go. It's the same finish as my metallic lamb turquoise reissue, which is way more durable than one would think. Got lots of stares, or should I say glares when I wore her to the mall today... :P
  13. Steph and Jenn!!!! Hahaha your both so right! I am moving, so I must be good and save. I bet you looked Hot with your Maxi Jenn.
  14. I saw on in BH chanel yesterday.
    it is so pretty
  15. hi ladies, i am waiting for my pink maxi to come,but i doont think the color is as light as this....hopefully its not faded like the pic =)))