Has anyone seen pics of the new act 2 Pink Maxi?

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  1. Its lambskin and light pink. Hope someone has pics. Its not the same as prefall or s/s pink.
  2. Good question! I'd love to know too! I'm hoping it's a beige pink or nude. :drool: Anyone?
  3. Sounds TDF, D! Lambskin + pink = :faint:
  4. Yeah, I'm curious about this color too, D! It is called Rose Pale. I haven't seen any photos of it yet.
  5. ooo i wanna see
  6. My Sa said its a dusty lighter pink. cant wait.
  7. Aww can't wait to see the pink maxi!
  8. Is it going to come in any other size or just the Maxi?
  9. why do I have a feeling that it's not a true pink color... just like the metallic dark pink.. :biggrin:
  10. WANTED! True PINK!
  11. bumping, if anyone has new info. This should be out any day now.
  12. Here it is, color code 31410. The color didn't come out to be even from her iphone pic. But it's very pretty IRL.