Has Anyone Here Purchased A Birkin From The Las Vegas Hermes?

  1. Just wondering if anyone here ever had luck in Las Vegas at the Hermes store? I know they say the birkins always go just to the VIPS in that store.
  2. i've seen quite a few kelly bags but never any birkins. i would think they would have some in the back? i have heard some ladies have seen a few exotics on the shelf that went quickly...
  3. L.A. likes to get out of it's element and go to Vegas to party. So it would be easy to think that Birkins tend to go to visiting VIPs there.

    Of course, in general, Birkins tend to go to people with a long standing good relationship with an SA and Vegas is pretty transient. But it's always worth a shot! :wlae:
  4. Thats what bugs the crap out of me with Hermes, its a STORE, anyone should be able to walk in off the street and buy a bag regardless of their so called status. If they can pay for it, they should be able to buy it.
  5. Many women have bought Birkins in off the street! It's what keeps me going. They put some out on the floor to make sure even ladies like us can get them!

    Takes patience and vigilence though. My Grandma always said they paid off - for almost everything. I hope she's right :yes:
  6. Although I did not buy a Birkin at the Vegas store I did get a potiron Bolide there. DH bought a gorgeous pair of shoes there too. While I was there in September they had a fabulous pink ostrich Kelly on the shelf. I am still kicking myself for not getting it. I find the SAs in Vegas to be very nice. Josh, in particular, is a real sweetheart.
  7. I've heard great things all over this board about Josh. AND OMG a pink ostrich kelly? Tres chic! But you know what... I would have got the bolide too, and I'd still be loving on it hard, no memories of that Kelly in sight... :love:
  8. well i have some info and girls you are right the brkins are only for vips or really celebs. last time i was there some famous guy was there buying a birkin for his girl friend and they must have had 20 birkins out for him to chose from. my mouth dropped. i was talking to this nice sa and was like buying other stuff trying to get on her good side cause i wanted to see if i could buy a birkin. well any way she said that she would take my name and if one happened to be available she would call me. hello there were like 20 sitting there. that made me so made, telling me some bull s*** not being available. i couldn't believe it. so girls forget about ever finding a birkin there unless your nicloe or paris.
  9. ^^^I too have witnessed this same thing, several times in the Vegas Store.
  10. THAT is ridiculous!!! it's one thing if NO birkins are out there, but it's another if there are 20 sitting out there and someone who has the money can get one...that's a shame, really. i know hermes wants to be exclusive but that's terrible.

    you know there have be to birkins in the back there quite a bit...
  11. I'm going to be in Vegas next week. I saw on the other thread someone said there was a gold Birkin 30 at the Vegas shop.
  12. Yep!

    Birkins go quicker than free money, though, so while that one will most likely be long gone, it goes to show - they do get put out! :yahoo:

    Keep your fingers crossed, and have fun when you go. It's Vegas, baby! :wlae:
  13. ^I'll probably be more lucky playing the slots than getting a Birkin but at least I can go look. :amuse: Its in the Forum shops right?
  14. HTT, there was a Birkin 30cm on the shelf this Saturday. It was Gold in Vache Ligee leather with GH.