has anyone bought a speedy base on ebay?

  1. I don't really see the point of these things - a waste of money IMO. I wouldn't need it, as I always carry either a book or a magazine in my bags anyhow, so my speedies never get the slightest chance to sag, and I have my reading material with me! For people who don't do that, a piece of cardboard will do the job just as well.
  2. i bought a base for my Speedy 25s and my new Mini Lin Speedy from her. she has her own website, by the way: www.speedyshaper.com
  3. I haven't bought one yet but I like it! I also like the pillows. I use white tissue paper right now but I really don't like it. I think I will get the pillow and the shaper for my MC speedy 30.
  4. thanks yeuxhonnetes :tup:

    what's your opinion on the base? my 2nd option i guess is a purseket. but, i've read some people having a problem with the purseket color bleeding onto their bag :confused1:
  5. I did buy one as I'm not a fan of the sag - but I'm waiting for it to be shipped to me. Can't wait.

    IMO nothing should sag... ;)
  6. I bought one thinking it was a great idea and ended up not using it. A magazine seems to work much better. The base is too stiff (squared) wheras the magazine gives a little. Good luck with your decision. I do like the pillow though!!
  7. IMO it's just a waste of money you can use a magazine at the bottom of the bag
  8. I bought one for my Damier Azur Speedy 30. It worked. But $20 seems like a lot now that I think about it. I've since sold my 30 (I shipped the base shaper along with it ) because it was too big. I now have both Ebone and Azur Damier Speedy 25's. No need for a base shaper in those...my chameleon insert works just fine. The pillow is a nice idea though.
  9. It's a cute idea.. but if you have a 25, just take a catalog from Coach - it fits perfectly !

    And the pillows.. well, old t-shirts work just a well !
  10. I bought one for my Denim Patchwork Gris Speedy this past summer, but it didn't fit (too big). She was great and she gave me a full refund. I would order if I ever got a sagging Speedy. I wonder if she is also the one making the bottoms for the Neverfulls on eBay....??
  11. thats exactly what i use! : )
  12. i use BOTH a base and a Purseket; i hate the sagging that much :lol:. i haven't had a problem with bleeding, maybe because i get the Pursekets that are the closest in color to the lining of the bags
  13. Here is a trick I learned here on tPF. For my Mini Lin 30. I take an empty DVD case and open it up and lay it flat on the bottom. It is a perfect fit. And no sag.
  14. I bought one too, Love it! hate the saggy look, I agree nothing should sag.I love my bag bra! lol. I think its worht the investment, plus your bag stays clean on the bottom too!