Has anyone been to a Juicy Couture outlet?

  1. I was thinking about going to a Juicy outlet.

    Are the deals any good? Do they have good prices on wallets and handbags?

  2. Is there JC outlets?? Is there any in nothern California. TIA.
  3. There arent any in Northern Cal... You would have to go to SoCal.

    Here are some SOCAL Juicy Couture Outlet locations:
    - Camarillo, CA (Los Angeles area)
    - Carlsbad, CA (San Diego Area)
    - Cabazon, CA (Palm Springs area)

    Some other Juicy Couture Outlet locations for everyone else in the US:
    - Aurora, IL (Chicago Area)
    - Leesburg, VA (Washington D.C. area)
    - Tulalip, WA (North of Seattle)
    - Central Valley, NY (NYC area)
    - Wrentham, MA (Boston area)


    These are all apart of the Chelsea Premium Outlet family, I dont know about any other places. I have not been to one yet, I actually plan to make a trip to SOCAL this summer to get to check them out. I would assume that they would have some great deals. You can also check out Marshalls, Saks outlet, and TJ Max; saw some Juicy items there.
  4. The savings are not HUGE (around 25-35% savings) unless they are having a promotion. The selection is great at the Cabazon outlet. Sometimes Juicy's showroom in Downtown L.A. sells directly to the public, but they are not announced and you just have to happen upon the showroom when they are selling. The showroom sales are typically just before the holidays and the line is CRAZY!
  5. The JC outlets are *okay*. They have lots of t-shirts and terry cloth stuff. I was at the one in Carlsbad this weekend, they had a lot of bags and belts. I've also been to the one in Camarillo and it's about the same. Although, I saw a bag that I liked at the outlet and was about to buy it but then I saw it at the Off Fifth store in the same center and it was about $60 cheaper at the Off Fifth so I bought it there.
  6. They are ok. I've been to the one in Cabazon and they did have a really large selection. I believe I got a few pair of pants that retailed for 120 bucks for 75 bucks.
  7. Not much difference in price on MOST items. I bought a cover up for $100, when it was originally $120.
  8. The discounts aren't great; while I was browsing I thought about how I could get a lot of the same things online with a discount code or wait for a sale at Nordies or Saks for a better deal. They don't have a lot of in-season or current items, and they do sell outlet-only items.
  9. I've been to a JC outlet probably only 2 or 3 times. Every time, there has been no special sale or no large discount. They did have a TON of sweat suits, like every color...every material. If you're looking for a particular item thta you want to pay full price for, it could be good. If you're looking for a big discount, hope to get lucky at a discount store and probably not at the JC outlet.
  10. i agree with everyone else...juicy couture outlet is *okay* but not worth a trip to the outlets just for this store IMO
  11. Thanks guys. I have only been to the Coach, Burberry, and Gucci outlets before and those were all VERY promising and had great deals.

    I am surprised that JC doesn't have that. I figured past seasons of charms and wallets would be much lower. I guess it wouldn't be a good idea to just go for JC luckily there are so many other great stores at the Chelsea Premium outlets.

    For those of you who have been, what has been your best deal?
  12. That figures. I was just there a year ago and it wasn't there yet :hrmm:

    I've only been to the regular JC store in King of Prussia, PA and I wasn't all that impressed with it. It's decorated really cute, but for the size of the store they don't actually have that much merchandise, kwim? :shrugs:
  13. I went to the one in Camarillo and i was not too impressed. I wanted to get a juicy suit but they didn't have matching sizes in top and bottom. Also the merchandise is not that cheap considering its an outlet.
  14. I've been to the Cabazon one too. Like the previous poster, the deals were *okay*. I've seen better deals on JC when they're on sale at Bloomies, Nordies, or Macy's.
  15. Agree on all counts. I go if I'm already at the outlet mall, but wouldn't make a special trip.