Has anyone been to a Juicy Couture outlet?

  1. I've been to the Juicy outlet at Cabazon numerous times and the prices are good. What surprises me, is that the new purses end up at the outlet within a month or two - why pay full-price at Nordstrom or the other stores when you can get the exact same item for less?
  2. I have it was not that great
  3. I've been to the one in Woodbury, it was okay.
  4. There is also one in Elizabeth, NJ, at the Jersey Gardens outlet mall. I got a velour suit for $100 (everything in the store was 40% off), but the handbag selection was mostly the logo stuff, not too much leather. Also, they keep the earrings behind the counter there- if I had known that, I probably would've bought earrings too! But I've found similar/better deals on clothes on Shopbop and chickdowntown.
  5. i went today actually
    i wasn't impressed by the prices of the tracksuits...nordie's and neiman's have definitely had better prices on those
    some good deals on bags (bags that retail for $200+ being sold between $80 and $150)
    wallets and cosmetic cases were an extra 30% off today
    not an impressive charm collection at my location but i got a strawberry for $30
  6. I went to the one in Carlsbad, CA and scored a velour short sleeve puff jacket in teal for $35
  7. I've never been impressed with the outlet prices, no great deals IMO.
  8. I went to the JC outlet in Las Vegas last Christmas. It was extremely packed!! The line was super long too. The charms selection was lacking though. Some of the T-shirts were around $30-$40 and there was one Velour bag for $80. Unfortunately by the time the line cleared up this bag was already snatched up. I didn't bother to look for anything else though. Mostly browsed.

    I might go back and grab a few tops if there's any good ones left.
  9. =[ I went there and got nothing but.. in Sd at the store in fashion valley I got myself a few little goodies, I usually buy bags so I can use them for school
  10. you should go to the buffalo ones..I was there in Feb...purses were 50% off and an additional 25% off
  11. i've been to the JC outlet in the Tanger center in Riverhead, NY and for the most part it was small and had very limited stock. I think the sale prices at Nordies rack and off fifth are way better.
  12. I've been to the one at Primm and the Carlsbad, CA one and the prices weren't great at all. Charm prices were only about $10-$15 off, nothing big.
    I remember buying another pair of the black velour pants awhile back and they were still $80.
  13. I got a great deal on one of their leather bags a few weeks ago,then went back this week to see what else they had and I couldn't find anything I wanted. I think it's hit or miss. I have to say the bag I bought is fantastic quality and I will go again.
  14. I've been to two, one in NY and one in FL... never been EXTREMELY impressed. It's good for things that I'd already been eyeing but don't want to pay retail for but... other than that, don't expect amazing prices.

    The one in FL was passing out "savings cards" when I went that gave you either 15%, 20%, or 25% off your purchase that day which made the outlet prices better. I personally think watching NM and Nordy's for their clearence sections at free shipping time is a better bet.
  15. i am not a big fan of them--the pants and sweat jackets are barely any less than they are in stores which is ridiculous seeing as they cost like $10 max to make.