Handwashing Scarves Pictures Part I

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  1. I use the stuff from The Laundress, cold water, wrap in towel, let air dry a bit, then iron on the wrong side from the center out to the edges, leaving the hems alone.

    Sometimes I iron the folds back in, but I leave vintage silk alone. I like the suggestion here that we should fold older scarves differently each time we put them away.
  2. Same here, my ONLY dip dye JungleLove suffered the same fate and here are some pics to show the streaks. I used Laundress plus a piece of shout color catcher in the water. Inititally I was heartbroken but nonetheless, I am still wearing it :heart::heart:
    IMG_3407.JPG IMG_3410.JPG IMG_3409.JPG
  3. So sorry to hear of your color run issues! I've hand washed all my various types of scarves, except my dip dyes. I've been too afraid of ruining them! Could you share details of how you washed them…wondering, do you think color loss and streaking is inevitable no matter the method with dip dyes? Would love to be able to clean them myself.
  4. Hi, I washed all my silk, chiffon, cashmere without any issues and all turned out great; quick rinse like the rest here with a last rinse in white vinegar. BUT for the longest time I was afraid to try my one and only dip dye until it was smelling funny .. And what I suspect is the water temperature for dip dye has to be different .. something I am afraid to try again. Maybe some members here can help? :thinking:
  5. Thanks so much for your reply. Mine are a 90cm, blue/green/aubergine Jungle Love, and a 140cm, pink/red Ex Libris. They have very saturated colors! As you had issues with a less saturated Jungle Love colorway, I'm even more hesitant to ever try it!
  6. I have one of the original issue dipdyes, a denim colour astrology, bought from our local Hermes when they first came out years ago.

    It has been washed a lot as it smelt odd right from the store but I loved the design & faded denim colour too much to consider a return.

    It has always been washed in cold water in a washing machine on the hand wash cycle. At first there was always a dye magnet in the machine and there was a lot of dye on the piece of felt like material. I start washing in plain water then move on to products if necessary.

    My one and only dipdye has had everything thrown at it and still seems just fine. Haven't noticed any streaks so far but will check in strong sunlight the next time we have any.

    Perhaps the original dipdyes were sturdier?
  7. Oh, do feel your pain!!
    Your scarf is still gorgeous. Mine is the large ex libris green dip dye. I was wearing it on vacation and somehow got olive oil on it. 😁
  8. Washing machine?😳
    Just fainted.
    Mine are several years old. Glad you haven't had any issues.
  9. I am only guessing, but because I do dye fabrics myself, I am going to guess that the dye used for the dip dye is similar to what one would use to tie dye. You have to fix the dye, it is a multiple step process. Cold water will be the best option if you absolutely have to wash them. I use synthropol http://www.dharmatrading.com/chemicals/synthrapol-detergent.html for the first wash of all dip dyed (tie dyed) fabrics, after that they will not transfer color. I am assuming Hermes would use something similar, but perhaps they do not. HTH!
  10. This is a great thread and I appreciate the tips! Has anyone washed the H scarves that are 70% cashmere and 30% silk? Just wondering how it turned out. TIA

  11. Yes, just put mine through the wash this weekend. I use a mesh bag but silly me forgot to change the settings this time so it ended up going through a regular, non-gentle, warm/cold full cycle And guess what? It was totally fine. The whole reason for the wash in the first place was because I'd spent hours shoveling snow with it wrapped around my neck, two days in a row. These things are much sturdier than they appear!

  12. Dedicated machine for all the delicate stuff in our house instead of dry cleaning. Have probably saved a fortune by now for more H

    But stay in your comfort zone

  13. Yes wash them the same way as your best sweaters. Hang over a dryer rack to dry and steam press on the back side.

    Check the hems before washing and repair any loose stitches or you could have a hem unravel a little bit. Also check for pulls as it will be that much harder to fix them after washing.

  14. Streaks might migrate out next time you wash it CaviarChanel.
  15. Thanks Ladies! Good to know, it's my first time buying the scarves and didn't want to ruin them. Not a big fan of dry cleaning to begin with but glad to know that I can wash safely in the washing machine.