Handwashing Scarves Pictures Part I

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  1. Sending congrats on your hand washing success, papertiger! I so prefer to hand wash whatever I can. I took a chance and washed a few coats over the weekend, with "dry clean" tags. They turned out perfectly! Things cleaned at home smell lovely, and always end up seeming cleaner, than those I've sent out. too!
  2. This is a very smart idea because my beloved green ex libris dip dyed shawl did fade a bit when I washed it.
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  3. So sad for you! :heart: I'd be heartbroken if that happened to mine! I have the sister to your GM Ex Libiis. Mine is the pink/red CW. My other dip dye is the 90cm navy/green Jungle Love. Per this thread, both of these designs have been noted to have run, when hand washed! :-s
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  4. I was most worried about my Zebra Pegasus as it has large defined black and natural stripes. I'm looking at it now, as fresh as the day bought :cool: and doesn't smell of chemicals either (who wants to put chemicals round their neck day after day either). Total weight off my mind dear HN. I think so long as the product you use is gentle as possible, the water cool, don't ring or squeeze, roll in a clean light coloured towel and dry flat (even mostly flat) you won't have problems.

    I had to send off my scarves to a very expensive cleaner in the end as H no longer dry-cleans on our behalf. Such a palaver!

    Once you know you can wash them so easily you'll have no more fear of buying, wearing and enjoying scarves all the more, that's the way I feel now. Being in charge of the whole washing process and seeing how easy and successful it is (haven't tried dip-dyes or moussies yet though)

    I'm off to hand-wash a Roberto Cavalli dress now O.M.G, wish me luck! :nuts:
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  5. I had to do that too, to some vintage jackets and an old Lacroix coat. I'd already tried dry cleaning and they still had that age-dullness (or maybe it was due to the dry cleaning process itself) so I completely agree with you. I think most problems with 'do not not wash' lies with washing machines and harsh washing powders. There are still a few things I'd worry about (knitted viscose jersey, leather etc) and will take to a good cleaner but I'm very happy about my scarves, such a hurdle for me.
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  6. I always read that many of you use The Laundress. Just a tiny warning: Even the silk detergent contains enzymes. Enzymes kill the silk proteins. I live in Germany and use Perwoll (the light pink one, wool and silk detergent, woolite might be quite similar), it doesn't contain any enzymes that damage silk, and it doesn't even contain some kind of wool softener (forgot the name) that would damage silk.
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  7. Dear fellow moussie changeante scarfies! Reviving an old thread because in need of guidance, and couldn't find any clear answer to my predicament. I recently got Lucky and found a La Rosee moussie changeante 140, the one sported by a few tPf'rs like Cookiefiend in a beautiful orangey/pink CW. However, it smelt stale and from perfume, so I had to let it air and sprayed it with water several times to get rid of the smell. Of course, as we all know, moussies (at least the ones I've got) crinkle up a bit after contact with water. So, the big question is - have any of you any experience with ironing a changeant, and if so, how did you go about it? Advice would be greatly appreciated:smile:
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  8. I have washed and ironed multiple GM's and changeants. It's a lot of silk but doable. I think we discussed it a few moths ago in the moussie thread. I'll try to find it. The upshot is it is doable, but you want to work quickly and keeping a little spritzer bottle handy for areas that dry out too much is a good idea. Other than just having to work fast, I haven't had any issues with them.
  9. dear @eliwon - our washing discussion with examples started on page 473, I think and continued for several pages. I'll let you read through it and decide if it is something you want to take on. There are pros and cons, though I am obviously strongly in the "pro wash" category:

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  10. Dearest Bunnycat - trust you to come to the rescue! Apologies for not being aware of the previous discussion you so kindly posted a link to!
    The spritzing is my go to when ironing regular 90 silks so at least I’d like to think I can manage that bit :smile:
    What mainly worried me was whether the changeante quality would be an unknown factor when ironing, compared to twill silks - come to think of it I’ve never ironed a regular moussie either so it’s all a bit terra incognita. But to boost my confidence I regularly hand wash the twills and without any damage so hopefully I’m halfway there. Yet again, thanks for your kindness and generous sharing of knowledge:smile:
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  11. Edit: Now read through all the posts in your link, and would like to thank everyone who chimed on the theme - all my questions are duly dealt with there. Feels good to know that people experienced in textile handling have performed these tasks and still have moussies in good nick - and clean to boot.
    Sorry for long post - wishing everyone a great upcoming weekend:smile:
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  12. I thought you ,might find all you need there. Good luck on the washing! It sounds like you are more than halfway there. :yes:
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  13. Just need a little free time and a fraction of courage and then I’ll set to it - atm we’ve got proper winter here, so no pressing (pun intended) need for a moussie for a while yet :smile:
  14. I don't normally hand wash coats because it it just too much of a pain. Most things with 'dry clean only' tags can be most certainly handwashed. In fact, I have seen 100% cotton items with that tag -- I think manufacturers are just being extra careful these days.

    Sorry to hear that! I find that washing in ice cold water (literally with ice cubes in it) prevents the color from running, but maybe I have been lucky.

    @bunnycat is certainly an expert here, but to chime in, I have never had any issues washing or ironing mousselines, changeant or otherwise. I even often spray some sizing on them when ironing to give them more body...
  15. AnnaE, thank you for chiming in as well - every success story is a boost! I believe sizing stuff you can buy in your countries must be softer and better than what I can find here. I grew up learning how to mix corn flour and water, and when this concoction was sprayed onto lace curtains and table cloths they got so stiff they could literally stand up! Think our shops sell some ready made sprays but still too strong for a delicate moussie. :smile:
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