Handwashing Scarves Pictures Part I

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  1. Eek! Glad your scarf turned out fine! :smile:
  2. Hi purplepoodles - That is good to know. ;), not losing sleep over the streaks as they disappear from view once I wear it.
  3. Just washed my Hermes silk cashmere scarf in the washing machine using the Laundress products. Turned out great. I was wondering if anyone tried washing their mousseline scarf in the machine as well?
  4. I hand wash all my scarves, even the Twillies, then sandwich in a towel to press out excess water. After that they are mostly just damp and will dry quickly. I lay Twillies flat and they dry wrinkle free. The larger scarves I go outside and hold them for a few minutes to dry in the breeze and then lay them out flat inside for awhile to make sure they are dry before putting away. No wrinkles. No irons unless I absolutely have to.

    I have read the mousselines can change texture if you wash and air dry so these I wash then immediately iron on low to dry them. I can't remember if I saw that in the moussie thread or not, but that is what works for me.
  5. Totally right, best to let it become part of the rich history of your scarf and as you say these issues are not a problem when wearing.
    You could say I ruined two CSGMs and one of them a Femme aux Semelles du Vent
    It has a complex border part of which was black and white.The black ran quite a lot and the white became grey in parts . I never notice it now ,and that's still my go to shawl .
    However I am of the ilk that prefers my things slightly bashed about .
    Store fresh and pristine seems soul-less
    [ Except shoes …hate scuffed or messy shoes]
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  6. I do and no problems so far. I try to iron while still damp, but they are still fine if ironed when dry just not quite as perfectly smooth. As soon as you wear it again there will be wrinkles.

    The double mouss can be tricky to get both layers ironed without wrinkles. I've never been totally happy with how they look yet.

  7. Thanks, good to know. Will hand wash my twillies next

  8. Great, will throw it in the machine to clean.
  9. Happily reporting that I've switched from dry cleaning to hand washing (non-mouss) silks and cashmeres - it took me 7 years to trust myself (and a touch ecover/tepid water rinsed in cold). It will save me lots of money too.

    Dried, rolled in a towel and then in the sunshine for hardly anytime. No ironing required. So much less afraid of my scarves now, including getting caught in a little rain (although I still wouldn't wash my Napoleons or anything earlier than 1985). Scarves are there for the using and I also feel better in control of them rather than leaving then at any dry cleaners (bar one).

    I didn't get all the stains out of a vintage (2002) light coloured scarf but I don't know the history. Certainly smells better. The other scarves, all multi-coloured and various ages - perfect in less than 30 minutes. Happy me! :happydance:
  10. Thank you for posting this papertiger!! :flowers: I've been wondering how the cashmeres come through a wash. I'd like to get the Dallet cashmere in the light color, but I fear it might need frequent washing. I still don't know if I'd be brave enough to try. Your information is very helpful!! :smile:
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  11. I used the Laundress stain remover for the makeup stain and Grandma's secret spot remover on a ball point pen stain on hubby's cashmere and they worked wonders. Not sure if it will work on old stains, but thought that I can share my experience.
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  12. That's good to know cavalla. I have one with a small spot that resisted regular hand washing so I've been trying to think what to try next....
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  13. Hi rainneday, :wave: many thanks for sharing this! Thinking at some point I'll find courage to try treating my dip dyes with with Synthrapol, to set the dyes. They have very saturated colors, and I'm very fond of them. :-s I've not yet tried to wash them!
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  14. Thanks for sharing, cavalla! I'm such a big fan of The Laundress products, but hadn't heard of Grandma's. Will add it to my cleaning supplies!
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  15. You can also try it with a stain brush for the more stubborn ones.