Handbags : YAY or NAY

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  1. Nay


  2. Hmm,,,sorry ..I'm gonna have to say NAY to this one.
    and i agree...more people need to post. There's a thread like this on another forum and it's huge hit !
  3. BR Nay
    MJ Nay
    DK YAY
  4. Attached Files:

  5. Hmm, nay to all of them. Sorry! :shame:
  6. nay


  7. fun thread :smile: 1 question before i start - yay or nah decisive factor is whether it looks good or whether personally u will wear it??
  8. ^i'm judging it on my first impression, if that helps :P
  9. #15 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    It can be both.
    My take on this thread is to get others opinions on what I think looks nice. If mostly the answers are NAY (like the BR one I listed..hehe) I will probably second guess that bag then:smile: If mostly yay, it would more likely prompt me to take the plunge and buy if I had been eyeing it.
    But the end result really should be what one likes and what suits their lifestyle.