Handbags : YAY or NAY

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  1. Medium Suede PS1 in Yellow: nay. too yellow for me together with the hw. love the leather ones in other colors :smile:
  2. ms_p: nay, needs more HW!

    faith: um YAY! lol
  3. A - i'm gonna go with nay
  4. ^ I agree Linh. I just like to throw up any kind of bag, especially if it's something I would NEVER buy. :P

    HandbagL - try searching for 'Fendi Roll Bag Tote' you'll see it then.
  5. Sorry, they are all a "nay" for me.
  6. Steve madden?

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  7. ^i want to say yay but i'll go with nay
  8. you girls are a tough bunch ..LOL
  9. This cracked me up! Why say nay?!?