Handbags : YAY or NAY

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  1. ^only cuz it looks like something my cousin would carry, and i don't enjoy her company much.... :shame:
  2. ^it's kinda cute and ugly at the same time.... so i give it nyay
  3. are you ladies posting bags that you are actually considering and need opinions or just throwing stuff out there to see what others think of it ?

    anyway --Nay on the Prada for me
  4. So I want to jump on the leopard handbag bandwagon..but nothing overdone. Came across this one at TJ Maxx today. It's an Italian brand I've never heard of and the leather is really smooshy and not too big..thoughts? The flash makes it look light but it's actually darker. The leather is a chocolate brown and the front is calf-hair.
    YAY or NAY?

  5. yay but i don't like the gold studs

  6. Yay, i like it :biggrin:

    Nanette lepore:

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  7. Thanks ladies!
    I'm gonna say YAY to the Nanette Lepore if you are tall. I'm a shortie so those fringes would hang at my ankes :smile: :biggrin:
  8. i'm going to say yay to the nanette. i just wish the fringe were a tiny bit shorter
  9. I vote nay on everything that was posted since I posted last.
  10. ha oh how i relate to that...

    No to the Nanette Lepore.

    Treesje Asher:

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  11. Nay!
  12. Asher - love the color but not the handle
  13. Treesje Asher: yah! i love the braided handle, sadly the newer version doesn't has it anymore.
  14. AE:

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