Handbags & the Movies - Which ones do you remember?

  1. Im just curious, when you're watching a movie (on TV or in the theater), do you pay extra close attention to the handbags that are being carried? Do you get excited when you recoginze one? Or better yet, when a bag that you own is used in a movie?

    Which ones stand out or do you remember the most?

    For example, who could forget Jennifer Aniston & her Hogan from RUMOR HAS IT? Or how about that Botega Veneta (sp?) she carried in THE BREAK-UP (didn't she also use that white Hogan in a few scenes??). There's a thread running right now about Reese Witherspoon and the bag she carried in SWEET HOME ALABAMA. What bags do you remember? Who carried them in what movie?
  2. in the beginning of Devil Wears Prada, there was a Balenciaga.....
  3. i haven't been to the movies in a while... but i find myself checking out what women are wearing and what bag they're carrying on ANY tv show now - more than ever... thanks to this forum, now i'm more detail oriented! :yes:
  4. Strangely enough, I saw The Break-Up last night and was wondering what bags Jennifer Aniston was carrying. She seemed to have one in white and black, and both were stunning. Was that a Hogan or a BV?

    Personally, I've been noticing bags more lately on TV than the movies. The Tano from Prison Break caught many ladies attention on the forum here - and a white Ginger Kooba on Entourage made me want to add yet another bag to my collection. :lol:
  5. it the middle of spiderman 3, there's a bbag. it looks like a turquiose first.
  6. The white one is the Hogan (she first carried this in RUMOR), the black, the BV. I've seen many pics of her carrying these bags IRL too - makes me wonder, if these were from her personal collection & she used them in the movies, or were they props for the movies & she liked them so much, she kept them for herself?

    I remember getting very excited seeing Rachel Griffiths' character (Brenda) carrying a nice red Marc Jacobs Zoe in a few of the final episodes of 6 Feet Under.
  7. Two that stick out for me:

    * Scarlett Johansson toting a Mulberry Roxanne around London in the Woody Allen movie "Match Point."

    * Sofia Coppola toting her namesake Marc Jacobs Sofia bag around Tokyo with Bill Murray in "Lost in Translation."
  8. jodie foster's huge red birkin in inside man. it's such a guy movie and she really spiced it up with her killer legs and that gorgeous bag!
  9. Kate Hudsons black bag with metal rings on the straps..I think it was a Prada - movie was Raising Helen. Every time I see that movie on cable I turn it on to look at her bag!
  10. And also in the Devil Wears Prada, didn't Andrea give out a Marc Jacobs multi-pocket in the scene where she meets her friends at the bar?
  11. Actually, that was Scarlett Johansen carrying an MJ Zoe in Red (Sofia Coppola wrote/directed that movie) - that's the same bag that I mentioned in 6 Ft Under, altho that one was the larger version.
  12. Oh I know - I loved that bag too! I didn't know it was a Prada. I was thinking it was a Tod's (it resembled other Tod bags I've seen) - I wish I knew that name of that bag!
  13. I was just watching "The Royal Tenenbaums" last night and I noticed when Margo (Gwyneth's character) is moving back to her mother's house, she's carrying a Birkin. And later on, when Etheline (Angelica Houston) walks out of her house, she's carrying a Kelly! Both Hermes, as you must already know, and both just HOT HOT HOT!
  14. I actually pay a lot of attention to clothes, jewelry, bags and shoes worn by actors in movies or tv shows. I’m naturally such a bag/shoe freak, and I’ve actually purchased a some stuff which I first saw (and liked) in a movie/tv show somewhere.

    Most recently I purchased the Tano Minilisa, the same style of bag that is featured on Prison Break. I’ve been wondering who made that bag since I first saw it on the show, and I actually signed up in these forums just to find out who made that bag!

    I also love the Reese Witherspoon bag from Sweet Home Alabama, it’s apparently a Hogan PanAm which is no longer available anywhere, unfortunately. If by some miracle I still find someone selling that bag, I’d buy it in a heartbeat!

    I also get a kick out of seeing an actor carrying a bag which I have, especially the non-designer bags. I remember watching She’s the Man (that teen movie with Amanda Bynes), and one of the characters carried a Liz Claiborne small hobo bag…the same bag which I got for ten dollars at some TJ Maxx.