Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

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  1. Bought the new style "Hamilton" today, though I would say it's still a Hamilton Traveler. I took a picture of it next to my watermelon Hamilton Traveler, let me know what you think :smile: IMG_1489028133.382693.jpg
  2. Yes, they both look like the Hamilton Traveler. Pretty colors. :smile:
  3. IMG_1489795517.281064.jpg
    Hello, just wanted to share my raspberry Hamilton, I love it and get so many compliments on the gorgeous colour.
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    My first Hamilton E/W Satchel in the color luggage with GHW I got it on clearance at Dillard's it was such a steal I had to get it ! I am very surprised with how much I can fit in it ! I know I am late to the game but I guess better late then never lol
  5. Macys has a limited time special on the e/w saffiano hamilton in black and luggage. I posted in the deals thread.
  6. So I ended up getting 2 more Hamiltons one in black and the other in Navy I went back to Herberger's and got the black one ️ and then randomly found the navy one at TJ Maxx ! So in the span of a couple weeks I now have 3 Hamiltons !

  7. Question for you pebbled-leather Hamilton ladies: I got a "steal" of a deal on a soft, mauve w/snake-like patterned handles/strap in the large N/S Hamilton on eBay. Bag arrived new, but the person I bought it from kind of folded up wonky and mailed it in a flat rate box. I've pulled it out & stuffed it, but how long does it take for these crazy folds/creases to ever go away?! TIA!
  8. I feel foolish, I downsized my Hamilton and selma collection then now see a dark dune e/w at marshalls two weeks ago for 149.00 and had to get her as I never bought the e /w just owned the larger version.... And then dillards is selling luggage and black e/w for 118 today!!!! Omg. I hate buying cause of price as I so often do especially with Michael kors, but 118.00??????! Omg. I bought both colors. What would you all do?
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  9. The navy east west is at Nordstrom rack for 124.00, thankfully I didn't overcame that urge to buy a fourth! But ladies, if you want them.... The price is so good all over the place!
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  10. Buy them !!! That is what I would .. scoop then up while you can
  11. IMG_1493564968.199174.jpg bought this Hamilton and the poof balls. I was also treated to some champagne and cupcakes
  12. I forgot to share I did just that.....I now own three medium saffiano hamiltons......dark dune, black and luggage and three large saffiano hamiltons in black, luggage and ballet. not to mention my 4 soft leathers from 2012......ridiculous I try to downsize this bag and the bam......more in my house! MK sales are INSANE and they just give these things away, how can one resist the urge to buy?! ha
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  13. For those that have bought the new Hamilton, what do you think of the leather? I have a saffiano one but the new one in fawn is calling my name.

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  14. Very pretty in this color.....:smile:
  15. Hi ladies I'm new to Michael Kors was always a Coach lover. I am purchasing a black Hamilton with silver hardware I will post pictures when I pick it up. I was wondering if someone could tell me what sizes do the Hamiltons come in ?