Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

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  1. Yes they are classics but I’m moving towards retirement and don’t have a need for big bags. I just listed my xl Selma deep red for sale. Sad to see her go but someone will love her more! Thanks for replying.
  2. My First Hamilton.. Medium Messenger Iris. Love it.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. This is a nice bag, lovely color.
  4. Hello Ladies. I'm new to MK and designer bags in general. I had my heart set on a deep pink Selma, but while searching for it today ( it's no longer on the MK website) I seen the Hamilton in cognac and instantly just had to have it. I got through ordering it. Can't wait for her to arrive. Pics to come.
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  5. It was a challenge to get my bag, but here goes my new baby. This is my first MK bag, but it definitely won't be my last. Planning to get another one already. IMG_20180913_144702278.jpg
  6. My very mini Hamilton, was going to sell her before realising she's the perfect little crossbody for days out 20180930_020406.jpg
  7. Im contemplating letting all my Hamltons go.....my love for this bag started when they first came out in 2010, however I didn't acquire one til 2015 and then acquired many......im so tossed cause I will always love this style, but don't reach for them much (some not at all) and feel the style is just dated now....being its now 2019. any thoughts from you all about the Hamilton? does it appear dated to you. was an "IT" bag so long ago now...…..I do find I use the east west smaller version more-so than the larger version (north south) as it seems a more casual bag being smaller. I don't use them for work as doesn't seem as high end to me, especially now (I swear I saw a poor homeless lady, or a lady very strung out on drugs, at Walgreens like two years ago with the North South version and simply cant get that image out of my mind)...….so, maybe that was the end of this for me. It is my fav MK style and don't plan on buying anymore MK. Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts...….
  8. I was just thinking of getting a black mini to use as a casual night out bag, but the no zipper thing has me hesitant. I hate that they don't have zippers.
  9. I just got mine in August 2018, but I love it, but I wish they had zippers. They hardware to me gives this bag that extra oomph that makes it timeless.
  10. That’s very cool! Thanks for the beautiful pics of bags.
  11. Its encouraging me to buy one. love it
  12. anybody else with thoughts on this bag? dated? over it? still love it?
  13. Still love them!! ️ Don’t care if folks think they’re dated. I have them in every color and will never get rid of them!
  14. I agree. Still love em no matter what anyone else thinks. I still buy them on the secondary market if I see a color I like that I don’t have yet. I say wear em with pride ladies!
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  15. thanks much for your thoughts.....Im still on the fence. love them. just don't use them. part of which is in my head that it looks dated. and I have a good 50 or so handbags right now. so trying to rationalize and purge. I do know I adore them and likely wont find another with rose gold hardware mint condition or the ballet pink color again...….so have to be sure if I do purge them.
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