Hamilton Hotties' Clubhouse!!

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  1. I looked on Ebay for prices in case I FINALLY decide to sell and made me sick how they are going for NOTHING. Oh boy, I just held on to them too long......why oh why do I still love this bag after seeing it first in 2010??! CRAZY.
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  2. Eh, nice looking but Hamilton was so simple and classic. This one is more modern and those vertical straps on the front make it look busier IMO. Superb colors though!
  3. ugh. I do not like it at all. do busy. cant stand the strap in front and the lock is not as attractive as original. I feel Hamilton cant be replicated at all. original is best....my challenge is original is a decade old. its dated and I need to find it in me to sell mine.…..all like new, so hard for me. But I rarely use them.
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  5. I like it more. I love the new lock. I can see the logo much more clear and I like how it hangs down lower. The best part for me is the outside pocket on the back that I hope will fit my cellphone so I don’t have to dig in my bag anymore. I haven’t purchased it yet and it will be my first Michael Kors bag. I have been researching bags the last week to find out which bag I should get and I think the Hamilton’s all of them are so lovely and have been drooling over everyone’s bags in this thread. With that said I think the Nouveau Hamilton is the one I will purchase as soon as I have the extra funds to do so.
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  6. I cant believe how cheaply the Hamiltons are selling for on Ebay! 50-70??? its nuts and I just don't know what to do with mine....love them., but after a decade looking at this style, I think it now belongs behind me...….but to give them away for nothing? what did you all do with yours?
  7. I'm having the same issue. I kept one Selma then decided to sell. It has been sitting on ebay for a while. I think I'll keep it until I find a family member to give it to... :smile:
  8. I love the new Hamilton and just bought the large in the color Borolo (dark purple eggplant color). It was on super sale today (58% off + extra 10% off for KORSVIP members) on the MK website. I like the newer smaller lock that matches the color of the bag and how the straps hang down. I also like the outside back cell phone pocket and that there are no inner compartments. Can't wait for it to arrive!
  9. I just recently purchased the MK Jessie Patchwork bag in the color barolo. But my barolo does not look eggplant or purple at all. It looks brown. I love the bag though. Maybe the color takes different on different leathers.

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