Hall Of Shame - Post Fakes Here

  1. Okay, I might have posted this earlier, but I have to say that I think this is one of the ugliest fake coffers I have EVER seen. Just thought you all might like a good laugh (I've actually got this saved on my watch list to see if anybody actually buys one of these :throwup:

  2. it is really ugly miu2 and one of the most obivious fake bag ever
  3. justified, I just love seeing your posts! You are my on-line buddy!! :heart: Can you believe the trash that they are selling on eBay as "Miu Miu"!! :cursing:
  4. hehe..I am also looking forward to reading your posts.on-line buddy :yahoo::heart:
    besides coffer,in general maybe few of the miu miu's are authentic among 100 ..it's just sickening..and more bad thing is that people are believing and buying the fake ones ,thinking as they are authentic
  5. You are AWESOME!!!:okay:
  6. thanks for the compliment miu2 =fab:wlae:...as long as sellers post any new miu mius this thread will get longer that's for sure