Hall Of Shame - Post Fakes Here

  1. hehe yes the color, size everything
  2. ^that one is also sooo fake...more I see these fakes more I understand why authentic's price I guess
  3. It's just getting plain old ridiculous on eBay now. The list for Miu Miu is a mile long (8-9pages) when it used to be 3 pages at the most. I'm going to try to complain to eBay, but I doubt that they will do anything. I don't even want to post any of myauthentic Miu Mius on there anymore. It's awful!:cursing:
  4. I don't think they will do something too..you have to be very knowlegable when you buy from ebay,that what I think..not for bag for other items-even they are much cheapher I still like to buy from a retail store or their websites.
  5. Justified, look closer at the picture. She is actually showing a Miu Miu shoe box!! :roflmfao: Can you believe it? :nogood: