Hall Of Shame - Post Fakes Here

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    [​IMG] Hall of Shame: Post the Fakes Here!
    Let me start this thread by saying that tPF does not condone fakes in any way! This thread is to post fake/counterfeit Prada/MIU MIU's so that we can report to eBay, and most importantly, to warn potential buyers about!

    1- this thread is NOT for authenticating bags. Please post any and all questions about authenticity here: http://forum.purseblog.com/prada-and-miu-miu/authenticate-this-prada-or-miu-miu-30849.html If we see questions like this here, we will simply delete them.
    2- please do not go into great detail as to what about a particular item is fake- we don't want to give counterfeiters any hints on how to improve their dubious products.

    ANY QUESTIONS!Please PM Addy

    (thanks to the HERMES FORUM for this idea!)
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  3. oh my! :shocked:

  4. :roflmfao:this fake is so ugly!
  5. Oh my gosh miumiulena, that is way beyond ugly. That is horrible!!! :throwup:
  6. I think I'll just post the link to my eBay search of Prada bags here. After looking around the past two days most of what comes up is fake. It's positively depressing to see the amount of crap that gets sold on eBay as authentic. Sigh..... :sad:
  7. that bag miumiulena found IS truly revolting !!

    PP -- it's really sad about Ebay -- I collect American Art pottery and years ago, you could pick up some great things (still can but the number of fakes is truly overwhelming) -- just makes me sick.
  8. OH MY~~:crybaby:
  9. I'm sooooo glad I found this web site before buying off ebay- I came very close but when I was checking with a internet search I ran into a fake Prada BR1254 PUSH LOCK Handbag Purse's ( which I am in love with) and couldnt tell the difference from the ones on ebay. Now I dont know where to buy and feel safe- I dont know much about designer purses but that I want this one. Any got suggestions where to look?- I now know though to wait and be sure first- thanks to purse forum!