Hair color: blonde or brunette!?!

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Blonde or Brunette best on me?

  1. Blonde

  2. Brunette

  3. Both would look good

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  1. OKay I am debating dying my hair to a medium/dark brown for this winter. I typically do it every year but always wind up going back to blonde and it is rough on my hair!?! I had stayed blonde because I cut my hair so short I thought it just fit better. Although as a brunette it might have that old hollywood Liz Taylor feel?? I can't find a picture of me as a brunette but I think you can visualize it!?! I hope! LOL

    <<<<<<What do you think? Would I look better as a brunette or should I stay blonde for this winter?
  2. Stay blonde!!! You look BEAUTIFUL!! I am blonde as well and I think it is the best color:smile: especially since I am SUPER fair skinned!

    If you want a change, you can always have them blend some brown lowlight in:smile:

  3. THANKS! HMM... lowlights are definately a thought! :idea:
  4. Wow- no one for brunette. Somehow I thought there would be at least one vote for burnette!?! LOL
  5. I think you would look great in bolth.
  6. I think a honey-ish light brown would look fantastic :yes:
  7. Thanks for your help. I really need the suggestions. I just so want to dye it. Hubby actually prefers me as a brunette (so much for gentelmen prefer blondes!).
  8. What do you think of this color?

  9. Yes I agree , it "frames" the face nicely, that would be gorgeous on you.
  10. I think that's a very nice color. I think I just want something more dramatic. I am just that type or person. I like it either really really blonde as in the picture or dark brown. UGH. I need to make my decision by tomorrow!

  11. Yeah, I know what you mean. My hair is around that color now but I'm really sick of it so I think I'm gonna dye it dark red or dark dark brown.

    God, I wish the Feria site would work. They have the best hair colors.
  12. I think you should go for a rich expresso coffee brown. I think that would look hot on you.

  13. OHHH RED! I love love RED hair. It's me favorite but it looks awful on me though! :sad:
  14. MMM rich espresso coffee brown that sounds pretty and yummy! :yes:
  15. I say go for the dark rich brown, and if you want later add slight lowlights, but I think the one color would look great, shiny and dark. Bring out the bad girl for winter..:yes:
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