Had anyone ever received a "VIP gift"?

  1. I received this gift when the 2016 fall collection came out.
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  2. Sooooo cute.

    I guess I need to start being more chatty. Usually I'm like "I would like to buy this bag!" *complete purchase* "Thanks so much! Bye!"
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  3. So the green skull hang tag charm DOES exist! lol! I'd heard that it did, but haven't managed to find one yet, I have the black one and the red one. I was starting to think the green one was a figment of my imagination.
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  4. It does exist! I'll snap a picture later.
  5. I ordered a made to order Rogue with croc handles and I didn't receive anything extra. Unless you count the leather cleaning and conditioning kit.
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  6. Yes it does exist; I've received two actually. Really nice charms!

  7. But isn't the value of that kit about $20, before tax? I know it's not too exciting and you may not even use it, but at least it's a nice gesture. But then again when you buy pricey eyeglass frames, your optician (or whoever) gives you that free glass cleaning cloth thingy, right? Whoop de doo! :giggle:
  8. But it's not cute like a keychain or a coin purse lol:P
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  9. :lol: I do the same thing. In and out quick.
  10. Green 20170210_122344.jpeg
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  12. Who wouldn't??

    So cool, Hobbsy!!
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  13. FYI, macys.com currently has a gift with $250 Coach purchase of a Coach umbrella with the Gary Baseman Wild Beast leopard print on it.
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  14. Oh, thanks!
  15. IMG_0025.JPG
    Here is a picture of mine... for comparison. No name embroidered.