Had anyone ever received a "VIP gift"?

  1. No, they've never touched them. I leave the bag I'm using out on that dresser and they've never been interested in that either. I haven't put a Christmas tree up around them yet! Looking outside is their favorite past time, lots of animals and birds around here.
  2. Just messin' with ya. Didn't mean it seriously. ;)
  3. I guess he was just a super busybody. He loved looking at the birds, squirrels and pretty much anything that moved. Yours have each other for company, too. That probably keeps them busy.
    Anyway, I love your collection and the way it's displayed!
  4. These two are funny, when they want to be naughty they can open closet doors and kitchen cabinet doors and that's another love of theirs! The frame for charms works for me, thanks!
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