Had anyone ever received a "VIP gift"?

  1. I just found this on instagram and I want these pouches, even just to buy! However, I've never seen them in store or online before.

    Are there gifts like this for the North American market ever? I know they just did a GWP for Lunar New Year, but that wasn't really "VIP". It was for spending a certain amount in a transaction.

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  2. I got a VIP gift for Christmas. It's super cute, it's a dino business card holder.
  3. I got this VIP gift for Christmas as well...
  4. Omg that's so cute. I'd totally buy them too. :amazed:
  5. I've received 2 VIP gifts, but they were only from going to the private events/parties that Coach has thrown.

    For the Fall 2014 launch party, my store gave out the metal feather charms. For the Fall 2015 party, my store gave out a set of leather pins. I've bought a few other VIP gifts on eBay. They happen to pop up from time to time. One of the gifts given to stores for the Fall 2015 runway parties was a hangtag bag charm with a metal skull inlaid into the leather. It came in racing green, a pinkish burgundy, and a black. Other stores had a "Lucky" embossed card case.

    I saw the one of the Made to Order Rogue purchasers received the smaller size studded pouch from the original post in an Instagram picture. I wonder if those purchasers have received them as a perk for their purchase?
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    I ordered two Made to Order Rogues, and although I haven't received either yet, I do not think they come with anything extra. She probably purchased that and the hang tap separately.
  7. Does anyone know (and would be willing to share) what the threshold is for VIP-ness? :smile:
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  8. I don't think there is a threshold where someone automatically gets VIP. In my case, corporate sent 4 or 5 VIP gifts to the flagship store I shop at. Then the SA's determined who got them. Now I won't lie, I have spent FAR TOO MUCH money at COACH over the last year, not just in bags, but also bought lots of RTW. I have also formed a great relationship with my SA and the Team there. Not sure that helps...
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  9. I don't spend a lot of money anymore, but I have a great relationship with my sales manager and she knows I love coach! That is why I got a VIP gift.
  10. I've received a few things, a green leather hang tag with black whip stitch and a black skull on it, a Coach coloring book with crayons and a couple gift cards. I do buy too much Coach and my SA who is also the store manager and I have a great relationship.

  11. I was curious about your post so I tracked this pic on instagram, and when I zoomed in on it I saw that the name Dany Lin looks to be hand painted on the pouch's upper right corner. Since that is the Instagram poster's name I wonder if she made it herself but is thanking Coach for the inspiration behind it. Since there's not much English written on the post I can't translate any details.

    Or maybe if she handcrafted it herself she took it into her Coach store to give someone as a gift. Just a thought.

    PS - I'd buy one of those also!
  12. Isn't that just a watermark so that the picture doesn't get stolen or used without credit?
  13. To me it looks like an actual signature because of the placement in the upper corner of the pouch, almost unseen. I would think a watermark is usually more obvious and distracts from the whole image. OTOH, I don't see a signature on the other pouch behind it, so maybe it is a watermark.

    I looked again -- the signature looks sewn in or embroidered, although I'm sure digital fonts exist that replicate an embroidered look.
  14. Roughly translated (as in google translator, I am no expert) it says:
    "Thanks Coach❤️❤️❤️ It took a long time to get the gift"

    One of the comments asks how much it is and the poster says it's not for sale.
    Then the same commenter says why and the poster says "brand send to me."

    Such a shame it's a VIP gift and not for sale in store, it's very cute. I never knew Coach had VIP gifts.
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  15. Thx for the translation! It would be fun to know how one qualifies to be a Coach VIP. Maybe the poster sends lots of customers to Coach in some way or another, somehow promoting the product.
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