Had anyone ever received a "VIP gift"?

  1. In LOVE with the green skull!!!!!!!
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  2. So you DID receive the pouches as a VIP gift? I'm so easily confused!
  3. Ha!!! No, you are not easily confused... my initial post wasn't all that clear :smile: But, yes, I did!
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  4. Aww, just rub it in. :lol:

    *sigh* :loveeyes:
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  5. Didn't mean to do that...just pointing out these actually exist!
  6. It's cool how you displayed all your charms! Is that how you regularly store them, like hanging laundry?

    It seems like an easy way to see them all at once before choosing one!
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  7. Sure as heck doesn't hurt! :whistle:

  8. I do. It's a picture frame without the back and wire attached to both sides horizontal and hang with clothes pins. Yes, I'm weird!
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  9. Haha, I'd say you're CREATIVE...of course Weird and Creative don't need to be mutually exclusive. :giggle:
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  10. I need to make another row, they're climbing onto other things! 20170210_224547.jpeg
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  11. I LOVE what you did here! Especially draping a few charms on the photo frame -- it's functional AND decorative!

    Duh, I just realized the ones above are draped over the mirror...lovely!
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  12. Not on the mirror, that frame is in front of the dresser mirror, that's what you see.
  13. I bet the kitties would love to get their paws on that keychain display!
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  14. They both get up there and neither one have ever jacked with it.
  15. That's amazing that they aren't interested. My kitty loved sparkly and dangly things. He would steal my jewelry and take it under the bed to play with and he wouldn't leave the Christmas tree ornaments alone no matter how many times I chased him away.
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