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  1. my gucci purse is authentic - from gucci in international mall in tampa. It has 6 on top, 4 on bottom.
  2. hey i have seen a lot of people trying to figure out if their gucci is real... i have a authentic vintage gucci that was purchased in italy from a gucci store in the 80's.. my serial number is stamped on the inside (beind the tag and the gucci symbol and made in italy stamp) and it perfectly visable behind the tag.. it has not faded at all! althought the bag was kept in a closet with a duster on it for most of its life(as should all purses be!). if you go into a gucci store they should be able to tell you if your vintage is real.. mine only has 6 numbers on the inside.. i personally believe this.. if the price is too low its probably not real.. if you dont mind wearing the fake and paying less than go for it.. my sugestion would be to only buy a gucci from the gucci store or outlet!
  3. Hi there. I picked up a Gucci handbag at an auction the other day for my girlfriend and am trying to figure out if its real.

    The serial number sequence is different then what anyone has posted here. It has 4 numbers on top row & 4 numbers on bottom row. The quality is great and very well made, all the stiching is good and tight, leather cuts are clean, and Gucci engraved on the zippers both inside and out (Though not on the bottom of them).

    Now being in fashion myself I have seen a lot of pretty good fakes, but if this is fake, it would we a very well made one.

  4. Post it on the authenticate thread. A lot of times there are good fakes, but the serial numbers are usually a dead giveaway
  5. Hi... I am new here... and I am really confused about serial numbers. I read somewhere that not all Gucci bags have serial numbers? Is that true?? Sorry for the dumb question...
  6. all real gucci bags have serial number
  7. Even the non leather bags?
  8. Is the serial number always on the back of the tag? I am really confused because I was given a serial number by this seller and when I got the bag, I cannot find it at the back of the tag or on the bag! I am not sure where else to look for it????
  9. Another question: I read online that gucci tags (where the serial number is engraved) cannot be a square, and has to have rounded edges at the bottom of the tag. Is this true? THANK YOU!!
  10. Gucci tags are usually square... you can post pictures on the Authenticate This Gucci thread and we can take a look for you.
  11. Hi... I have posted it now on the Authenticate this gucci thread... THANKS very, very much...
  12. I have noticed some bags with both 6 numbers on top and bottom and sometimes six on top and four on the bottom.
  13. I was just wondering, has anyone stumbled upon a fake bag but had a serial number copied from a real Gucci? Or do replicas just use random numbers? Thanks.
  14. yes, fake bags have the the same serial number as the real ones !!!!!!!!
  15. :smile::smile::smile::smile:
    I have 5 authentic Gucci Bags and they all have 6 numbers on top and 6 on the bottom but the best way to be sure is take it to the gucci store
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