Gucci sale australia

  1. Further and final reductions started today. There is some ready-to-wear at 90% off. Incredible. I had to tear myself away from losing all reason and just swiping everything onto the credit card. :sweatdrop:

    Sale ends 29 July.
  2. Can u purchase online? if not do you have contact info for a SA?
  3. we are 1973 cousins, stunning bag, congrats :tup:
  4. :yahoo:
  5. Whew! How much are the bags? :graucho:
  6. wish I were in Aussie .. nice bags anyways..
  7. sale ended already but i scored about 6 items as well in the Collins st store :smile:
  8. It was such a great sale, so hard to resist just buying everything!
  9. Very beautiful new pieces :smile:
  10. Hi
    Does anyone know when the next sale will be at Gucci in Australia? And what sort of things do they put on sale? I am imagining more smaller leather goods than bags? And if bags, then only seasonal colors?

    I hope to hear from you fellow Gucci shoppers!
  11. I`m really interested in this too!

    If the sale is twice a year it should be soon????
  12. Normally they do it beginning of June and beginning of December. Things that go on sale are last seasons bags, and wallets and much much more. They are always a queue so get in quick.
  13. Hi everyone!!!

    The Gucci sale in AUSTRALIA has officially started!!! I thought I'd pop into the Gucci flagship store in Sydney for a visit yesterday and the sale is ON!!! so much is on sale! I came out with a raspberry mini guccissima wallet and a pair of sandals unfortunately the sandals weren't on sale but snagged a bargain with the wallet :biggrin:

    lotsa bags, wallets, card cases, phone cases etc on sale, of course mainly seasonal colours but there was quite a selection of black bags too!!
  14. Thanks heaps for posting, I checked out what they had online, is there other merchandise not available online that is available in store?

  15. Hi Elizabel, yes, there is much more that isn't posted up on the website, for example i remember there were a few blue soho bags on sale and more colours of the soho wallets were on sale, as well as a few selected black bags too (don't remember which styles though) as for the wallet I got on sale, it wasn't online either. I definitely think its worth going in store to see for yourself :biggrin:

    Happy shopping!!!