Gucci sale australia

  1. Hey guys, FYI GUCCI is having a sale (for those who doesnt know it yet).
    I was lucky enough to score these new additions for super duper cheap!!! :biggrin:
  2. Nice!
  3. nice!!
  4. :yahoo:
  5. Beautiful additions and congrats!
  6. Congrats...enjoy your new items...
  7. Is this sale different to the one that they had end of may - june sale?
    Can i ask how much discount are they offering? and for every gucci store australia wide?
  8. OMG !! Are they still on sale ???
  9. Beautiful Congrats :smile:

  10. Thank you ladies! they are accompanying me to Vegas next week woooo!!

    Yes i think this is the best sale ive ever been to, as they actually put a LOT of nice and newer collections on sale (unlike the January Sale).

    Im pretty sure they go up to 70% off..

    I got the evening over the body for 30% off and the casual one for 50% off.

    Im not sure if its different to the May / June, but when i went in there, it didnt look like they have been having the sale for a while? I mean there were plenty of beautiful things left to buy. If i wasnt saving up for Vegas, i would have purchased more omgosh it was so hard to control myself lollls

    Im pretty sure the sale is Australia-wide, so its worth a look
  11. Is it still going do you know?
  12. Contracts marguch!!!! That evening bag is gorgeous! What colour Is it? The casual is pretty too!! Love sales!!!
  13. The sale is still on for not much longer! I just went to Chadstone shopping centre, Melbourne store and came out with 3 items, not much stuff left though but still worth looking :smile: My very first Gucci items :biggrin:
  14. Thank you ! But Omgosh i just found a bit of dent on it!! i dont know how it happened but it looks like ive put a pressure on it and folded the leather too hard somehow :tdown: ahhh why dont i ever look after my bags =( what a major disappointment lol does anyone know how to somehow fix it ?

    Regarding the colour.. hmm i am also wondering what exactly it is myself.. sometimes it looks goldish brown then some other time it looks goldish khaki.. i have no idea and i didnt even bother look at the tag before the assistant removed it.

    serenityxd: i read ur post about ur mobile phone charm for $30??? wow! what a bargain! congrats on ur purchases too
  15. Gorgeous evening bag! Love the color saw this in NYC ans it was beautiful,