Gucci Fake vs Real PICTURES!

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  1. Thanks so much for putting this together. I am still looking at the difference and have to admit that my eyes are not yet trained but it is good to know that there is knowledgeable people within this group. Thank you, thank you
  2. Even with comparing pictures, it's still hard for me to see the differences. :crybaby:

    Thanks for sharing.:flowers:
  3. Excellent tutorial, i can see the difference straight away on the G's...thanks for that:flowers:
  4. wow, unless you staring at an image that's been blown up to 200%, you cannot tell the difference between the real & fake canvas. good for people who buy fakes, but bad for others who buy the real thing!
  5. yah i still can't really tell the difference between real and fake guccis... like how do you tell with people carrying it on the street?
    if i didn't get my gucci bag from holt renfrew, i would not be able to tell whether it is real or fake!
  6. I'm still trying to figure out the difference between the authentic and fake gucci bag. I bought a week ago a bag from website. I actually bought the Gucci Handbag 154981. I just want to make sure that it's authentic because I just read a review that says that this shop sells fake gucci bags. Actually, this is my second bag from this website. The first one looked so real. The quality of leather seems very good.
  7. Does anyone know if an authentic Gucci should have an imprint Gucci logo/insignia onto the zipper pull tag?
  8. I was one minute away from purchasing a gucci bag from eBay and decided to do a little research before making the $300 purchase. You really saved me. Thanks a bunch!
  9. Thanks for making this post. I was unfortunate to have purchased a fake Gucci bag off of eBay and am lucky enough to be able to receive a refund as it's being shipped back to the seller soon.

    So, the monogram G's are only slightly thicker on the canvas? Does this go for all fakes? I compared mine to those and they matched the fake as well as some other flaws my bag had. It's so slight, but it's there. It's amazing how close they can be.
  10. I purchased a bag at the Gucci store on Kalakaua Dr. in Hawaii last November and the tag is similar to #3 and #4 and I can guarantee that based on what I paid for the bag that it is real.
  11. that canvas of the super fake is shocking SIMILAR :O
    no wonder even the SA got fooled.. Wow.. That's horrible~!! I can't believe the SA that authenticated it thought it was authentic :O
  12. i am just wondering is this website's gucci bag authentic?!
    my friend want to purchase a tote here...but i think the price a way too cheap..

    can any expert please let me know is it authentic website?!


  13. I wish I'd found MOS's photos here before purchasing the med hobo horsebit on eBay. I seriously cannot tell the GG pattern difference between real and fake but the dust bag I got looks definately like the real dustbag photos. Should I then conclude that the handbag is also real?
  14. do you also have a picture of the controllato card?
  15. ^^^^
    Please post this in AUTH THIS AREA ONLY!!!!!!!!
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