Gucci Fake vs Real PICTURES!

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  1. I am on a mission to make sure NO ONE ever is tricked into buying a fake Gucci. I kep the fake horsebit hobo I unknowingly bought from ebay 2 yrs ago as an educational tool. The pictures of the real gucci is not a hobo though.

    3. and 4. TAG: FAKE
    5. and 6 TAG REAL
    1. FAKE
    2. inside out : FAKE
    3. REAL
    4. Inside out : REAL
  3. Price Tag Real
  4. Thanks for posting - sorry you got a fake though!
  5. that's awesome, thanks! how do you know that the one bag is fake? is this the same model?
  6. Thanks for the tutorial :flowers:
  7. I was an ebay novice. I bought a biege Gucci horsebit Hobo as my first ebay and GUCCI purchase for 270 dollars... The seller was a power seller with 99.8% feedback. After I recieved it, I felt it didn't look right, but I didn't have another gucci to compare it to, so I convinced myself it might be a factory second (hence the cheaper price).

    I took it Gucci Boutique and the SA said : "I am not supposed to get involved in authentication, but I'll do it for u!" He said it was authentic. So, for 2 years, I carried this bag day in and day out LIKE AN IDIOT!!!! :lol: :lol:
    Then a good friend of mine shows me here IDENTICAL horsebit hobo and when placing them side to side and I have NO DOUBT IT IS FAKE.

    I made every mistake in the book with this purchase- I was very green!!!!!!:sad:

    1- The photos in the auction were stock photos
    2- Price was too cheap
    3- THe Seller had a bazillion other bags -all current season gucci, dirt cheap
    4- No return policy
    DId I mention, the Seller became non-registered within weeks after my purchase.

    I kept it so I can show it to people and make sure it doesn't happen to anyone. I don't carry it at all.

    At first I was angry:mad: , now I just feel a duty to make sure everyone (friends, family, the purse forum ) know that a super fake can be VERY DECIEVING......
    Sorry this was long.:rant: :rant: :rant: :rant:

    Oh, and the pictures of the real one I posted is a reccent purchase from SO, I KNOW ITS THE REAL DEAL.
  8. Unfortunately, your third posting is the best assurance the bag is real for the majority of us novices: the pricetag!!!
  9. I still can't tell the difference between the canvas of the fake vs. real :huh: I'll stick to buying from authorized retailers and PFers bc I'm definitely no expert on Gucci and would probably be easy prey on e-bay LOL.
  10. oh!! I wish i found this forum before i got my gucci off ebay! Thanks so much mos for these invaluable tips!! The fake i got from ebay fits your descriptions perfectly!!
  11. okay, thanks for clarifying!

    i have to say the difference is VERY hard to tell. even the SA couldn't tell it's fake... :sick:
  12. I agree, it is hard to tell, so hard that I thought I had real gucci on my hands! If you look closely at the font of th canvas, the G in the fake is a little thicker. Counterfitters are getting so good, its sad!
  13. Thanks for the pics, I took a very close look at both as well and notice that the G's are different. I wouldn't have known otherwise. I'll know now not to purchase from Ebay. I'll just buy from actual stores.
  14. Ofcourse it is safer to buy from stores, but I myself love good deals! :heart:
    It is still possible to get good deal on a real gucci on ebay, you just have to be very selective and look at closeups.
  15. I'm the same way, the only deals I'll ever get is if the bag's on sale!
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