Goyard lovers...please tell me about the brand!

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  1. in that case then being that it was i that began the hermes and goyard importance issues, the thing with goyard is that i love that it is a bag or a a leather based product that sustains the resistance of time , being made with canvas i love that it is a process that shows that the materialis are still used and made like it was in the old days ej i have a vintage louis vuitton soft beauty case it is divine but see i like it because you could see the canvas was hand finished the sttiching had had ends done with so much care this is something goyard still does they finish things like they did in the old days they sell them like they did back then i love that the brand stamp for instance is not colored in many cases so nothing interrupts the leather also the lining on the st louis for example classic very simple and clean un cluttered by logo so what i meant is when wear a bag with stamped canvas it will be goyard because it is the way things should be done in adifferent nature to hermes but in the same spirit take the store in paris, it is the way you would expect a true malletier to be and i almost want to ahve a dress well packed in a trunk that is still made in the same fashion and canvas as it was more than 100 years ago .
  2. thank you for taking time to reply birkel, and not be rude about it like some people

    i must say i'm completely sold. i went to the london goyard shop today just to browse and the sales assistants were the nicest, most polite people ever even tho they knew i was just browsing. they took out all the stock i asked about to show me, showed me all the nice colour combinations in case i wanted to get my initials and when i asked about how the bag is made, the person gave me a booklet and proceeded to explain the process.
    for those who didn't know (such as myself): he went on to say how good leather any luxury brand can find and make a beautiful bag out of it, in very little time. but the goyard canvas is bought, then goes through a very long process of dyeing. first, they dye the main colour (as in the background). it then needs to sit for 8 days until they start silk-screening the Y print. each "leg" of the Y is silk screened separately and needs 2 or 3 days in between to let the ink dry. doing the math the process takes up to 2 weeks. they dye the canvas by the meter

    i asked about the stock and he said the stock only arrives every 4 months, so the blue St Louis i wanted was only going to arrive again in May and the most popular colours were already sold out. i was very impressed to hear that seeing that so called luxury brands like mulberry get 2 deliveries a week!

    as to how much it can take in terms of weight, i asked him because i wanted to carry my laptop around and he said the GM takes up to 6 wine bottles of weight and proceeded to ask me to hold the handle on one side while he pulled it in the other, to show me how strong it was.

    i must say i was very impressed and blown away by the whole experience and how much he was actually involved with the brand, more than just selling it, but making sure the customer had a whole luxury experience. it's a shame places like Louis Vuitton have lost that now that they've become so popular and touristy. the sales assistants simply don't have time to show you around or explain anything to you because they're so busy with work. this guy was super nice even tho he knew i was going to leave empty handed today. that's how you build loyal customers i suppose!
  3. ^^ wow...great information you have shared thank you so much!!!
    makes us appreciate our bags even more knowing this info and the process each and every piece goes through!!!
  4. WOW that really interesting info! Thanks for sharing! I wish I could go to the Paris store, let alone any store that carries Goyard:amuse:
  5. you see i think now you understand my sirst post and feel the old world sense class style and a sense of old world romance and naturally the man at goyard can give you all the details on the info i tried to express im happy you are enamoured by goyard it has that effect enjoy it because it only comes from goyard and i some special cases from hermes but im so hapy i was able to help and good luck with that bag sounds divine !!!