Goyard lovers...please tell me about the brand!

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  1. Hi all,
    i'm planning to get a blue pm st louis this may but after i've been thinking,fidji is more practical since it has a zipper.the thing is i've never seen the fidji when carried,it'd be great if anybody post pics of fidji when carried! i also wonder if the price for every color is the same or i have to pay extra for special color (like sky blue)
    thanks for helping!:wlae:
  2. i have a red fidji and it is amazing! it is super super light and amazing for every day. it fits perfectly under my arm and i never have to worry about it fitting anywhere like behind my seat when im driving because it is smushy and wont get banged like some of my structured bags... it is amazing for traveling. i love using it as my vacation bag and it is great to bring on an airplane with a book and some stuff in it. it really holds alot..... it is really a great bag.. tell us what you think when you get yours! :tup:
  3. Agree with bextasy...love the Fidji! It is very unstructured once you put stuff in and carry it. There are two blues, both are extra for the Fidji. The red, black/tan and black are about $960 and all other colors are about $1240. I think the St Louis is the only item where all colors cost the same. Hope this helps!
  4. There are so many pros to a Goyard!

    1) VERY lightweight so even when you put stuff it it, it's light
    2) Durable. So durable. I've had mine for a year and it's been rained and snowed on and still looks the same. I use it every day and carry it to work. I put my lunch and water bottles in it and every stitch has held up. Also, the outside is easy to clean.

    The only cons I can think of is the interior is beige so if you spill something in there it's noticable. HOWEVER! The linen is easy to clean so you can get things out. I had several pen marks in there that I have basically managed to get out and they are hardly noticable now.
  5. I have the Croiserie 35 in blue, bought it at Goyard store on Rue St Honore and paid extra for the shoulder/cross body handle. Love the bag.


  6. oh, i love this blue color of yours! i wish to have that color for my next goyard bag! hahaha...nice nice! CONGRATS! :smile:
  7. Thanks so much Bextasy and Smallfry.I really appreciate it!! Finally my heart rests on white or if white is out of stock then it'd be sky blue!My aunt will go to Paris next month,i hope my price after tax refund will be much cheaper than getting it in us.Will definite post mine when it arrives.
  8. Dear Longchamp,

    How much is the croisiere + the strap in blue?

    I'm currently contemplating on whether to buy a Prada messenger and a Fidji or St. Martin or to buy both a Fidji AND a St. Martin. And maybe even a croisiere with strap!

  9. Longchamp...gorgeous bag! Congrats and enjoy!

    tann...looking forward to seeing pics of your new bag!
  10. i think you will love it
  11. guys - i have a question for all you goyard lovers

    i need something to justify the price on some of the bags - the st louis per example, which is the one i want to get. i'm basically trying to convince people (ie my mum) that it's worth the price because i swear i read somewhere that the prints are hand painted

    so all you lovers out there, can you justify the price tags for me? apart from it not being everywhere like louis vuitton, what makes goyard so special?
  12. what can i say old world romance in todays massive china market ,in a world yearning to get it and feeling like you still walk into some special place and wearing special unique pieces many times your own personal object .in all ways goyard is together with hermes the french brands that remind us why la france is the capital of taste and couture paris and its old world charm are allways there in each part of each product!, the city beats in every kelly and birkin but it lives in every goyard !
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  14. words cannot describe my love for goyard! its the ultimate work-ass tote!
  15. i understand that but at the same time wearing an hermes makes you feel special because of the whole history and exclusivity behind it you are also assured that you're investing in a piece because you know how it was manufactured etc

    my question is more in practical terms, as to how the bag is produced etc. because there are plenty of brands that have been around for decades but don't necessarily stand for quality and artistry - now i know that's not goyard's case, but i just wanted to understand it clearer that's all :smile: