Goyard lovers...please tell me about the brand!

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  1. I having been wanting a Goyard for quite some time and finally ordered one today...a fidji hobo in black/tan. I am nervous because I've never seen one in person!

    Tell me what you love about your Goyard...is it durable, comfortable to carry, etc?

    Thanks in advance :heart:
  2. I bought a Fidgi a couple of months ago, so I can't speak to the durability, but it is light as a feather to carry and folds perfectly flat to fit in a carry-on bag for travel.

  3. Thanks patois...what color did you get?
  4. If I Am Remembering Right, The Black Tan Is Gorgeous! You Are Genius. Please Post Pics Once It Arrives.
  5. I have a black Jeanne. What I really like about it? It is very light, which is really good for me because I tend to carry alot of stuff in my bag. Also, the material is water resistant...so i'm not worried when it rains.

    I'm planning to get a red Croisiere 35 :yes:
  6. I have two Fidjis (green and white) and they are awesome. So light, but durable. You don't have to be fussy with them. At first I was terrified at the lack of pockets, but I put everything in smaller bags first ( like makeup bags) and for some reason it's really easy to find stuff in there. You will love yours and it will go with everything.
  7. Thanks everyone! Keep the love coming :heart:

    wiggli...great idea about the cosmetic bags...thanks :tup:

  8. I got the sky blue with a green and purple monogram. The colors look good together, but they tend to blend into the background a bit. If you are going to get a monogram (stripes are not avail. on Fidgis), I would advise doing a light color on the black and tan. BTW, I love the black and tan combo. -- so versatile.
  9. patois...that monogram sounds amazing! Such cheery colors! Thanks again!
  10. where can i order a goyard online? what's the average price? i saw another thread where someone said $700?
  11. is the jeanne GM big enough to use as weekender?
  12. Hi eighty1...Goyard cannot be ordered online. In the U.S., you can buy from Goyard in San Francisco, Barneys or Bergdorf Goodman. The bags start at $960 and go up from there!
  13. I love Goyard! I have the Fidji, St. Louis and Croisere and have been using them for a few years already. I am very happy with their quality and they are light and durable. Whenever I travel, I always bring either the Fidji or St. Louis as a spare bag because they can be folded flat and doesn't take up much space ;)

    When is your Fidji going to arrive?
  14. Ya I like them too cos they are super light and water proof too.
  15. Thanks hermesaddiction and jbaglover! I have been carrying my fidji everyday since I got it and am in love with it! I plan to get another color when the weather gets nicer again...probably the white :love: