Goyard, Hermes or LV?

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  1. I was just thinking ... which ones of those would you go for and why?
    I personally think that LV is a bit of ... mcdonalnds of the luxury world.
    Love Goyard for being just Goyard, not selling out ...
    Similar with Hermes, however it is slightly more out there ...
    what are your thoughts?
  2. You posted in Goyard thread so I feel like you are mostly oriented towards Goyard, which is good because I respect them for their craftsmanship! You ae right about LV, but once you walk into store, see all high quality made pieces, impeccable service, all kind of bags - it just wins over your heart and you feel bad for not buying anything. Hermes is the brand that is in league of its own, full leather pieces(sometimes overpriced) but well made. My only negatives about Hermes are that their bags look too simple, or no design (and lets face it, it is important for your bag to be pretty and well-designed since you are paying from brand that has its designers) and bad in-store service. Having said all that, why don't you try Dior? High quality, beautiful colors, variety of bags, modern, sophisticated, designer, lovely service, not too expensive(compared to Hermes, and some Goyard pieces - having in mind its canvas-)? #teamDIOR
  3. Thank you.
    I like Goyard because they just do what they do best, keeping their heads down delivering quality. Past decade has brought change in the market - there is luxury and 'affordable luxury'. Personally I like having things no one else has. LVMH is going after big money thus the mcdonalisation. I suppose I am funny with those things, but ever since i found out that Arnault was trying to take over Hermes I just felt put off. For one I like their Heritage and being part of the corporation means they would have to sacrifice that. I suppose in this situation my choices are more political. But I think of Goyard and I worry that they will not survive as they don't adjust to the modern world. Hence my question - I was wondering if there are people like me, making choices based on other concerns not only on availability or popularity. And where does self expression come into this, given that streets are full of LV.
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  4. It's funny you say LV is the McDonalds of the luxury world in this Goyard forum, no biggie. I made a similar statement in the LV forum and got those ladies all in a tizzy, lol. All of my friends and family hate Goyard, but I love it and can't stop admiring my bags! I'm not that interested in Hermes for some reason.

    What do you ladies think of Prada and Balenciaga? Debating between those 2 for my next.
  5. I like some Hermes like the roulis and possibly the Hallam. Bought my first LV which I like for my purposes. I think I'd choose Faure le page over goyard. I'm not a fan of the pattern and the sheen of goyard.
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    I used to be annoyed with LV being too common when I was very young. But then I come to love LV again. Could now care less if it everywhere. Plus I just don't believe in exclusivity in large companies or luxury good in general anymore-while some item do have that cachet to be hard to obtain. But largely, I think the word exclusive is just a marketing key word to use for luxury sector. :P
  7. Goyard isn't exactly exclusive in large cities. Last time I was in NYC I saw Goyard everywhere, people carrying St. Louis totes were a dime a dozen.
  8. Ignore brand image and associations. Be confident enough in your own judgment to choose the bag you like for its design and how it fits in with your personal style. Enjoy it (for years) for its quality of materials and workmanship. That will be the right choice for you.

    p.s. might I throw Moynat into the mix too!
  9. Quality wise, I would rank them:
    1. Hermes
    2. LV
    3. Goyard

    Craftmanship wise:
    1. Hermes
    2. Goyard
    3. LV

    Exclusivity/under the radar:
    1. Goyard
    2. Hermes
    3. LV

    Price wise:
    1. LV
    2. Goyard
    3. Hermes

    1. Goyard
    2. Hermes
    3. LV

    So overall I would choose Hermes and Goyard over LV. :smile:
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  10. That is a cool rank MrVuitton :smile: but it seems you might want to change your name hahah to MrGoyard :biggrin:
  11. I like Prada - they seem to be 'up to date', funny enough not my style ... not sure about Balenciaga. I am going to look for your post on LV ... sounds like quite a read!
  12. Never seen a Hermes that I wanted, so that's my last choice. They look matronly to me.

  13. Hehe, true :smile:
  14. Each of these brands have appeal for very different reasons.

    Think one should buy what they love & get the pleasure from that item.

    I'm a fan of Hermes, (kelly) also like Valextra & Delvaux (both of these still under the radar)

    I also collect vintage BV knots for day into evening..
  15. I love Hermes even though I used to think they were so matronly. I guess I'm old now lol.

    However, I do have to admit my Goyard tote is the most used bag I own- that thing is a workhouse and so practical. I've even carried my dog in it. With H, I have to baby it a bit more because it's expensive.

    LV is indeed very common, although I sometimes break out my monogram alma for old times sake. I used that bag very heavily in college. And, since everyone recognizes LV, I don't like the attention that comes with it.
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