Goyard, Hermes or LV?

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  1. Goyard is def not under the radar or exclusive. In Paris on the metro you see either Michael Kors, Goyard or Louis Vuitton. Tell me if I am wrong.
  2. Personally, Hermès for leather and Goyard for canvas.

    And no, Goyard is not that exclusive anymore.

    Since Jean-Michel Signoles bought Goyard in 1998 (Source: Frédéric Martin-Bertrand, L'artisanat retrouvé de Goyard, article du Figaro du 18-19 juin 2011), he is trying to turn the privately-owned company into an internationally renowned brand, as seen in the recent expansion in Miami and Shanghai (either 2nd or 3rd in that city).
  3. I wouldn't go as far to say LV is the McDonalds of the luxury world...they have great prices for first foray into the luxury world. And I think they have stepped up the game quite a bit with their reinventions.

    I hate it when people dissed LV or any logo bags as crass. By the same token, Hermes bags may not have logos on them but their very designs make them so recognisable as Hermes. And with people like the Khardasians or some Housewife flaunting their bags? And that's under-the-radar class? They got to think again! Under-the-radar means some artisan made bags that only those in the know will know until some celebrity pimps the bags.

    That said, buy what you want, not what others think you should buy. I know of people who wanted an LV but was worried about the image and end up getting another bag which isn't their first love.
    Why bother about what others think of your bags or you?
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  4. Hermes is my no. 1, then Goyard
  5. are there any luxury brands that are exclusive still? Or has exclusiveness fallen of the list of adjectives describing luxury?
  6. Yes and no.

    No - because I feel in this internet age, no "brand" really stays exclusive. If someone buys it and shares it on the Internet, people will literally swarm to that brand and make it not exclusive anymore. Goyard - case in point.

    Yes -
    1) Certain brands still do haute couture, and many tailors, admittedly not brands, make bespoke suits. Similarly, shoes can be customized to every detail of your feet. These are truly exclusive.
    2) Hermès retains some of its exclusivity by quantity control. Unless you are established enough to get a podium order or special order, you will have to wait for a leather product to your specific liking. They transfer non-leather goods between stores, but generally not the leather goods. In comparison, as long as you can pre-pay for it, Goyard will make a new bag for you in ~6 months for a standard model, and usually more for an original order (i.e. with your own designs).
  7. I love Velextra and Delveaux too. Their leather is similar to Hermes
  8. Haha yes! I wish I could. I used to love LV 5 years ago when I made this account, so I have to accept it I guess haha. :P
  9. We can start petition for you to change your nick lol. Free MrGoyard !!!! !!!!:graucho:
  10. Hahaha, that's hilarious!!! :roflmfao:
  11. These are all great brands. But thought you might want to include Fauré Le Page - you won't regret it. They have an older heritage and unbeatable quality.
  12. For me, its definitely always Goyard first simply because I love the goyardine design and pops of colors.

    It was love at first sight and I have never fallen out of lover ever since.....

  13. I love my Fauré LE Page!
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  14. How do compare FLP to Goyard in terms of quality/details ? :smile:

    Just called the FLP store and was informed the canvas and leather medium zip pouch is priced €340 which is a very great deal compared to Goyard !
  15. I'm loving Goyard right now. Just bought the Artois! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465327981.711565.jpg
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