Goyard, Hermes or LV?

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  1. I love LV ... Mainly because it is durable. Partly because their online purchase service is really good and easy to navigate the items I want. Easy to obtain their stuff.

    I do not like the hunting game. I always have a Wishlist. And once the occasion arrives, I just wanna pay the money, and get the item. Hopefully get it done online, within 15 minutes.

    So in this case I vote for LV
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  2. Yes I will say that LV makes things easy and their items are extremely durable.
  3. Agreed. Don't just look at the brand name. The most important is to find a print/style/color that suit you.
  4. i like LV but im kind of bored of it right now
  5. Definitely wrong imo, I've been in Paris many times and I don't spot them often there. ;)

  6. In Tokyo, Goyard is ubiquitous. Being one of the earliest overseas market, Japan has a huge Goyard fan base. If you were to walk around the streets of Tokyo, you can easily spot ladies carrying the Saint Louis, especially the white and grey goyardine.

    Voltaire is a popular model for guys.
  7. I second this. Dior is so chic and classy!
  8. Goyard for my everyday, workhorse & travel bags.. Hermes for my evening/occasion bags. Craftsmanship and brand-wise I adore Goyard, they are especially good at balancing the fine line between maintaining exclusivity yet still offer great service & buying experience. When they say its not available it really isn't available... I also like how Goyard kept a few styles that may not be 'in' at this moment in time but are beautiful in their own way (i.e. Goyard Saigon, 233,.).

    I love Hermes products for their craftsmanship but I really do not agree with their brand. I absolutely loove the birkins and kellys but their exclusivity is debatable (i.e."waiting lists", "yearly birkin quotas", SAs lying to clients or asking them to 'prove worthy of a birkin' etc.) and their buying experience is absolutely terrible.

    So my vote goes for Goyard, because at the end of the day buying luxury should be pleasure, not a business school interview. :cool::smartass:
  9. Does anyone have experience with Loewe? Apparently the house is considered Spain's counterpart to Hermes.
  10. Yes, indeed Loewe has really good quality leather bags. You might want to check out the Loewe thread.
  11. Right now I am crushing on Goyard! However, the bags are starting to show up in a lot of places. Last week I was up in New England at my beach club with my navy St. Louis. At lunch there were two woman at adjacent tables with the same bag. Nevertheless, I'm still planning on buying a black St. Louis for fall.
  12. I live in Paris and I see them very often - especially on matching Moms & girls. In France, Goyard is also a brand for those who want to look more Parisian than they do with LV. :hrmm:
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