Got my bucket bag in black and...

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  1. love it! Spacious, love the turnlocks and the ghw with the black leather. So in love!
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  2. Yes I bought the dark turquoise one today! I like it more than I thought I would
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  3. Photos?
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  4. DC23AD92-A8E6-4272-A816-6DFC76ADF2C3.jpeg
  5. These are so pretty. I'm considering one but it depends on whether the middle zip pocket connects to the bottom. I don't like it when your things can slip under the middle pocket and get lost. Does it connect?
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  6. 512F8E16-74C8-47A4-95CD-D08742BD62C6.jpeg F3B420CC-7BB0-433A-AC8B-E4CC7F3E02F1.jpeg 24F71E1B-6F8B-4A3A-BBFE-F610D2AE8668.jpeg B16F1D5E-7189-4DD4-BCF1-674067F2BCE4.jpeg 2E8BD76B-00FC-43B5-BC30-2A94A4122412.jpeg Here’s a few more photos. There isn’t a middle pocket. It is completely separated and there is a small pocket on one side that really doesn’t hold much at all.
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  7. You all are enabling!! I saw the PurseBlog's piece on the Prada small leather bucket bag several months ago, and fell in love. But I don't like the price tag. THEN Coach goes and does a similar style- WITH TURNLOCKS! You try to hold tight and not spend a ton a money on bags for the year, and they reel you in with stuff like this......:wtf::drool:
  8. Love that!! That color is beautiful. I have always wanted a bucket bag!
  9. I have this on the way from Niemann Marcus. They are calling it beige, but it looks like saddle to me. I can't find it in this color any where else. I even contacted Coach. They don't have it on their website. They answered me that the color is saddle not beige. I had also asked Coach if the color was exclusive to that store but they didn't address my question. I bought the black one this past Monday at Coach. Screenshot_20190408-215013_Chrome.jpg
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  10. wow, what a beauty!

    if one day they appear in red, i will be in lots of trouble.
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  11. Saddle is showing on Coach's website now. I wish there was more silver or dark hardware choices with saddle. Almost always gold.
  12. I'm being told by my SA that this style as of now, will be included in the mothers day sale. Dates TBD
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