Going Vegan

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  1. I'm so glad I came across this thread. I've been doing some research on luxury vegan bags the past couple of weeks and some of these suggestions are helpful. :smile: I'm also curious about the difference in quality between a luxury vegan line vs what you'd find at Target. I recently acquired an Angela Roi palette bag and waiting to receive it. Dipping my toe before taking the plunge. I do like the look of Matt and Nat, but I find Angela Roi line to be a little more feminine, more appealing for me.
  2. This is the one that I should be receiving the next couple of days - in the wine color. I like the simple, clean look.
  3. I also really like the look of their moa tote and bucket bag, which they will re-release in the future, but I'm going to wait until I inspect the one that's coming. Hope it feels as good as it looks.
    1471545062195.jpg 1471545101505.jpg
  4. Pretty bag! When you receive it, let us know what you think of quality. BTW, what was the price on this bag?
  5. Will do! I was able to snag this new with tag bag from an eBay seller. They dont currently offer it as it's an older model. I paid $55, but I think the retail price then was $65. It's a way for me to try out the brand without spending too much money. They just launched one that looks similar - Anya - which has more bells and whistle but I think that one is $155.
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    So my Angela Roi Palette bag arrived this past Friday and I took it out for a test drive this weekend. First I have to say I love the rich color and it's the perfect size for me. It's smooth, very roomy, well constructed, simple/clean looking, and unlike my leather bags, I dont have to worry about water stains so that's a plus. The only con (and it's minor) is that I wish the strap was a little thicker, but I think it'll hold up. Again, the price point for this bag was $65 when they offered it so perhaps I shouldn't be so picky. But based on this bag, I will be purchasing other Angela Roi bags. :smile:
  7. I mentioned that Angela Roi just released another style - Anya - over a week ago and it looks similar to the Palette, but it's a lot more substantial and the price is higher $155. I did a side by side comparison. As much as I like the Anya, I don't think I'll get it since the Palette looks too similar. I am eyeing a different bag, their Sunday Mini (another crossbody). Would love to get this, but I'm going to wait to see if they come out with a new tote. :smile:
    1471936866748.jpg 1471936889228.jpg 1471936899179.jpg
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  8. Thanks for the update! The bag looks like the perfect size and you wear it well. I'll be keeping an eye on Angela Roi.
  9. Thanks so much! :smile: good to know there are a lot of really cute options these days.
  10. Read Vogue this morning and found a pic in an article about vegan bags...
    The bag was from a vegan brand located in Poland. Its name is Alexandra K.
    Anyway I visited their website and saw lots of lovely designs.
    I think you should have a look ...
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  11. Thank you! Yes, I just checked out the site you recommended and these are beautiful bags, and I do love their 2 year warranty! Another great option!
  12. And they seem to be true vegans!:tup::tup:
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  13. I have three Angela Roi handbags and they are among the best vegan bags I've seen. I own two MOA totes and a morning crossbody. I've had my MOA's for over two years and with daily use, they have held up beautifully. I also own two Leni Penn totes which come in a variety of colors, textures and sizes. These totes are strong beautiful, made of vegan fabrics and hand sewn in Florida. :smile:
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  14. My father had a warehouse sale last Christmas and sold "Isabella handbags" they were a huge hit. They are 100% vegan 1472209388022.jpg 1472209457743.jpg
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  15. Looks like a very nicely made bag. Looks to be far far better quality then anything by Matt and Nat and for much less money. I will be sure to mention this bag to my friend. She is not vegan but is starting a vegetarian diet so leather is a no-no for her now.
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