Going Vegan

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  1. Wow, so great to hear your Angela Roi bags are holding up! :smile: I've looked for reviews on YouTube and there are hardly any so hearing from someone who actually owns the Moa tote is a great sign. I'm waiting for them to re-release the Moa. Want this style over the Sunday II tote although I love the mini version. May I ask which colors you have?
    And thanks for the tip on the Leni Penn totes. I'll have to check that brand out too.
  2. I have the MOA in both black and white and the morning cross body in plum. I do love the Sunday II in the dark green! K know they are planning adding new styles for the fall/ winter season.
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  3. So nice to find this thread! I usually buy Gunas bags and just discovered AR. They ran a Christmas special, which I learned about and I got the Sunday II in dark green!! They have several specials on the site right now. Duos for reduced pricing. ☺
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  4. I'm checking those out now! Thank you ladies for all the recommendations!
  5. So after searching for Alexandra K bags I ran across a website called beyondbags and they carry that line as well as others that I haven't heard of (but I'm a newcomer and started looking into non leather bags this year.) Can any of you ladies comment on CrystalynKae, GUNAS, MRKT, Maravillas Noah, Rok Cork or Wilby?
  6. www.hvntress.com features vegan handbags from popular brands - might be helpful when you're looking for a variety of vegan options in one place! (they also have other product categories - beauty, clothing, accessories.)

    Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 11.46.09 PM.png
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  7. Love this site! Very useful indeed!
  8. I have two Angela Roi bags: the Jules 2 bucket bag and the Andrea tote. Both bags are gorgeous and the Andrea tote material is especially soft and slouchy. I've gotten a lot of use out of it as a work bag and a gym bag, and it's holding up well.

    The Jules 2 looks amazing (I got it in a dark berry color) but there are no compartments inside, which drives me crazy! I have to get a bag organizer, otherwise I'm literally carrying a bucket of stuff.

    I also have a Matt and Nat Kintla that I bought three years ago, and I have to agree with earlier posters. The quality really isn't there. It's stiff and has this unappealing plastickyness. I think I've used it twice ever. I was looking at a Matt and Nat overnight bag, but I'm holding off until I can see what the material is like these days.

    Right now, I'm looking to buy a bag with more structure, an overnight bag, and a purse. I was looking at the Jill Milan Williamsburg, but it looks like it's been discontinued. I also really like the Stella McCartney Fallabella overnight bag and the mini flap and crossbody.

    I'm really glad I found this thread. I'd ideally only purchase vegan bags and shoes, but I admit that I love many of the designs done in animal skin. I'm trying to find my balance by buying non-vegan goods secondhand. Anyway, I look forward to seeing what other designers people share.
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  9. The bag pictured is GORGEOUS! Do you have a link for it? It looks pretty huge, what size is it? I'd love a gym bag and like you I still need compartments, ideally a compartment to place my shower/cosmetics bags into as well as purse/keys and etc.
  10. Lululemon has non leather gym bags that have compartments you are looking for
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    I have recently discovered Lululemon, i love their high rise wonder under leggings for the gym. They are harder to get in the Uk but it's still possible.

    Which bag would you recommend, their duffle seems quite large and the backpack a bit small and stringy. I think I saw one a while ago on a lululemon addict post but ah it was a while ago.
  12. I'm glad a thread like this exist so people who're interested in vegan bags has their outlet to browse and talk about it. It's bag after all and definitely deserve some love the same as other.

    I'm not really using a vegan bag, but if I'd recommend, I like Le Sportsac and Kipling. They're made of nylon though, but extremely hard wearing. Going through this thread definitely open my eyes to other vegan brand besides Stella McCartney.
  13. Thanks for bringing this up. I have been looking at high end designer vegan options, and the vegan option is looking better all the time - and are a far cry from looking like "plastic bags". Why not? I bought two recently, and I think that I am going to make my high end handbag purchases vegan as much as possible. So much to learn about materials used. I like to explore my options. I too will do searches on tPF for vegan designers. Good day all!
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  14. Vegan is the new trend! We are actually doing a report on this. Would appreciate if you guys can fill the survey.