Going Vegan

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  1. Hayden Harnett just relaunched with a new line of vegan products. I purchased a wristlet just to try it out. I'm not into vegan, but I did love this brand when it was around.
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    Givenchy has a couple of vegan bags out right now https://m.Saks.com/pd.jsp?FOLDER%3C%3Efolder_id=2534374306622829&productCode=0400099377305&R=3615205469681&P_name=Givenchy&N=306622829+1724



  3. Most of my vegan friends want to know they're not destroying the planet as well as not harming any creature in the making of the bag/SLGs. Buying PVC, plastic, nylon etc will kill animals directly and indirectly in the long run.

    The issue I have with companies calling their products vegan or eco leather is that it complies with the law of labeling but does not reveal the acute toxic potential of many of these materials have on the environment.

    There are products made from pineapple pulp (Piñatex) or bamboo fibre (Summer only I'm guessing) are so far thought to be both more sustainable in the chain of production and biodegradable.
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  4. Not to mention humans. Third world factories. People who create nylon orb plastic bags are also harmed--and probably children. (And for low wages.) Most of these so-called vegan products are not. Your choices of truly vegan bags are limited. As mentioned. Stella Ms probably the. brand to get