Going Vegan

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  1. Hayden Harnett just relaunched with a new line of vegan products. I purchased a wristlet just to try it out. I'm not into vegan, but I did love this brand when it was around.
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  3. Most of my vegan friends want to know they're not destroying the planet as well as not harming any creature in the making of the bag/SLGs. Buying PVC, plastic, nylon etc will kill animals directly and indirectly in the long run.

    The issue I have with companies calling their products vegan or eco leather is that it complies with the law of labeling but does not reveal the acute toxic potential of many of these materials have on the environment.

    There are products made from pineapple pulp (Piñatex) or bamboo fibre (Summer only I'm guessing) are so far thought to be both more sustainable in the chain of production and biodegradable.
  4. Not to mention humans. Third world factories. People who create nylon orb plastic bags are also harmed--and probably children. (And for low wages.) Most of these so-called vegan products are not. Your choices of truly vegan bags are limited. As mentioned. Stella Ms probably the. brand to get
  5. Let’s kick this topic and go back to the original idea of the topic: vegan bags

    I’m a bag lover myself and hardly visited purseblog lately because I decided I didn’t wanted leather bags anymore but a vegan is ofcourse perfect!

    My favorite brand for vegan handbags is Angela Roi. I already own 2 bags and my next one will be the Barton Mini but I need to wait until it’s in stock at the webshops that sell in Europe and that takes a bit longer than America.

    Their bags are ethical made and it feels really nice to buy something that is still super good quality and not harming animals or humans.

    Right now I have the Madeleine bucket bag and a Grace bag and hopefully soon the Barton mini. Going to look trough this topic for more new vegan brands

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    I’m wondering about the term “vegan” as it applies to bags. I’ve always just turned up my nose at them thinking “oh no! only leather for me” but now I’m starting to rethink that. (I’m an equal opportunity bag lover!) I recently picked up a Vince Camuto tote that was listed as “vegan” sounds good, & the tote is nice, but I’m left wondering - is “vegan” any different than the “plastic” bags from days gone by? If the term “vegan” is used does that assure us that it is more friendly or better in some way?
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  7. I have started thinking about this, and in another thread someone mentioned Lombia, a company that supports local women artisans in Columbia. I don't think they have any leather components. I ordered a bag. While the fabric is a nylon blend and it gets transported, the bags are a way for women there to make a living.
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  8. This is a good link that explains the differences in pvc PU and vegetable based products etc. https://www.beyond-skin.com/blog/2016/02/08/vegan-shoes-bad-for-environment/

    I think it depends on the company and the location where the goods are manufactured and you may have to do some research to get answers. But I feel like more companies are embracing this. DL1961 is a denim company (available at Nordstrom) and if you look at their website they describe the manufacturing process and how they minimize environmental impact. Rothys shoes are very popular right now and made from recycled water bottles and machine washable.
  9. I do highly recommend Stella McCartney's bags, I've used mine almost non stop since I got it in jan/feb.
    Great design and quality!
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  10. Here's the bag from Lombia that I got. It's great, really light and cheerful.
    Screenshot 2019-07-17 18.03.39.png
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  11. So pretty!
  12. Loooooove it!
  13. I have to admit, the idea of vegan is nice, but I also love leather.

    I do not feel bad for crocodiles and alligators in the slightest though. I've always said they should all be made into nice luggage. I know I will receive flak for that statement, but it's my opinion. I do feel sympathy for the cows and other harmless animals however. That being said, I don't judge anyone for loving actual leather or those that prefer vegan material.

    Cheers to those who love vegan bags and cheers to those who love leather bags! (After all if everybody was the same, the world would be a boring place).

    On a side note, I would be curious to see a mini skinny or cles pouch type product with vegan materials.
  14. This topic got me curious (actual vegan bags and stuff, not the debates about ethics) and decided to do a quick Google search. I have NO experience or anything with this brand or vegan products in general, but I thought this was really interesting. Cork material!

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  15. New vegan merchandise at saks

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