Going Vegan

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  1. Hi lovely handbag peeps,

    I have been having a big think about the leather trade. And after reading some terrible terrible articles on crocodile farming and leather sourcing for Designers. My next new purchase will be a vegan purchase. I think the only way to change the market is to change the demand.

    There are some lovely vegan bags out there so maybe lets share some examples here...!

    To start i'll proffer a Stella article ;)


    sorry no idea how to post the pic :sad:
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  2. I'm not sure about your intention here. You are on the Purse forum, where most of us admire leather bags (and living creatures- yes- it is possible). Are you trying to make us feel bad because we have leather bags?
    Good for you if you are content with a plastic bag which may be not as environmental friendly as some think. Just my opinion...
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  3. Lol no.

    Did you see the bag I linked? It is a Stella McCartney.

    If you see my posts you will see I have bought leather bags, I also admire a lot of designer bags, however I do think that it is possible to have these bags which are not made using leather. I'm just thinking an idealistic future. Also I am a vegetarian because i don't like cruelty to animals and now am questioning myself over the cruelty in some leather farming.

    It's more supposed to be an appreciation of vegan bags thread rather than a put down to anyone. I'm trying to be the future I want to see rather than condemn the present I don't like. :smile:
  4. I haven't seen you link, but I'm familiar with Stella McCartney bags...
    Again- in my opinion- leather bags are more durable and can take much more than plastic ( or whatever designer wants to call them) bags. I can't see these bags lasting for years like leather ones.
    To be honest I can't imagine that one day there won't be any leather bags- people like luxurious items.
    But what I know..... ;)
  5. There are already many vegan-based threads on tPF; you might do a search for 'vegan' and find them.

    The problem now with 'going vegan' is that so much of the process used to make 'vegan' material is not environmentally friendly, and indeed, some of the material used to make vegan-friendly bags and whatnot off-gasses toxic substances into the atmosphere.

    I honor the animal by using what is discarded, as most leather used in making accessories is taken from what is 'discarded'.
  6. Ah I had not seen any previous threads, do you have a link to one?

    I understand the trouble in exchanging one bad thing for another. And I shall now have to go and check out the environmentally friendly versions lol.

    The point regarding the leather was that specific farms which breed animals for the hides and skins do discard everything else. Reading about the crocodile farming was absolutely heartbreaking, I won't share a link because it is really very upsetting. But if you chose to look it up you will understand more.

    I couldn't ever buy an exotic skin after that. My naive heart really wanted to believe that these animals have a lovely life and are treated well, but it's so far from the truth, reality hurts.:sad:
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  7. Lol what do you think coated canvas is? Some of them last sooo much longer than leather. I do love the vintage coated canvas bags for precisely this reason. I understand if you prefer leather it's your choice but i'm not sure your arguments for not lasting are really appropriate.
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  8. Coated canvas is cotton covered in plastic- nothing less nothing more... Usually with some vechetta attached. But it doesn't pretend to be 'leather'...
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    Nothing is pretending to be leather. The point is to appreciate non leather. I'm not trying to be offensive just wanting to share some of the finer examples of alternatives to leather (esp exotic leathers).

    Just wish i could work out how to post images!
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  10. Matt & Nat bags often come up on vegan threads. I am not vegan, but I find many M&N designs appealing and may try them in the future. There is some info on their processing and sourcing on their site, but of course it's always good to do additional research.
  11. Well, you are offensive in this case. Should you want to discuss other materials then you should name this thread differently and to avoid any references to " cruelty".
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  12. I've had some Matt & Nat bags and I really like them. I bought them several years ago when I was into "younger" styles, but checking them now I see that the variety has just gotten better. Eventually there's some edge wear (the coating on the strap edges, not the corners of the bag) and it can flake off, but other than that, they wear well.
  13. I want to apologize to you; I misunderstood the intent of your original post. All you are asking for is ideas for vegan bags. There really are hundreds of posts about vegan bags but the search feature here is not the best (in my opinion) so I guess we'll just have to let that go, as I couldn't come up with anything.

    I think I know which two videos you saw, and I couldn't watch them - just seeing the title and knowing they were done by PETA was enough for me. PETA is a great organization, and here is a link from their site that gives several fashion alternatives: http://www.peta.org/living/fashion/
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    Marisaa, I'm not the OP, but I can understand where she's coming from - she's looking for vegan (animal friendly) bag ideas after having recently seen two very graphic videos about the cruelty by some fashion houses involving their use of Ostrich and Crocodile. You can find the videos on the PETA web site. I myself can't watch things like that without sobbing hysterically.

    New York Times article: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/02/26/fashion/prada-peta-hermes-fendi.html?_r=0

    I am not vegan and use cruelty-free bags made of leather that is discarded; the animals were not raised for the leather. There is a big difference. Prada, Hermes, Vuitton - all guilty - the info is freely available online. I had no idea!!! And that is the last I'll write about it.
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  15. There are other threads which are just about non-leather bags, nothing more, just about bags.
    And if something looks like leather- it is very simple- it pretends to be one.
    Like a fake bags looking like an authentic one...

    This sentence from your first post doesn't show like this is a 'non leather bags' appreciation thread...
    Ok, I'm done here :broom: