Giving out your PF user name to potential buyer?????

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  1. I have been listing my Balenciaga bags and I say in the listing that I am a member of tPF. When someone in the ebay "ask seller a question" feature asks for my user ID, is there any reason NOT to give that out? It makes me little uncomfortable, esp. when the asker has 4 Feedbacks or something. Wondering if they could be scammers and just trying to get info? What could they actually do with someone's PF ID??? Am I being paranoid here? What is the general protocol? If it's another tPFer, of course I have no qualms about giving out my ID!:confused1:
  2. Well, a lot of the PFers here ARE new at eBay.

    Like on the authenticating thread, I like to give the advice to VERIFY the seller is a TPFer, not just take the eBay sellers' word.

    Honestly, when I get asked that question on my bag auctions, I don't hesitate to tell them. It never occurred to me that that could be a bad thing! Yikes!
  3. I must say, I do wonder if all these people are really tPF ers on ebay. Not you of course, because you obviously are. I would ask them for their tPF name and PM them here. If they are not members they dont need to know...
  4. Yeah, that's good advice!

    Turn the tables on them, ask them for their PF ID, and then YOU can PM them at your discretion, and say "Look, here I am!"

    That's going to be my practice going forward! Woo hoo!

    Great advice, moi et mes sacs!
  5. Hi there, Yes I am not comfortable giving my tPF name on scammer ebay. In any case we dont tell our ebay ids here so why should it work the other way?
  6. When I've been asked, I've told them that I hope that they wouldn't mind and ask them for theirs. I then contact them through here. Not many have asked me though
    Added:The only people that have asked are tpfers themselves. I'm not sure adding it means anything to just a regular person. It didn't to me before I knew about this place.
  7. I think if you are going to say it in your ad then it should be expected that someone would ask, otherwise why mention it?!
  8. I agree with babidius I bought a bag on ebay off a seller who stated they were a tpf member in the auction, my first question was whats your id? Why put it in your auction if you cant use your history on the forum to back up claims of legitimacy.
  9. Good point. Anyone can say there a tpf'er I guess people just want to make sure .(not that it really matters I feel if you are a tpf'er or not anyone can join and post);)
  10. I think if it is mentioned in the auction listing, then that is a valid question for buyers to ask. Many people can claim to be TPF members, but unless it can be verified that they are a long-time, trustworthy members it does not help much.
  11. I bought two Chloe bags on ebay from Tpfers. I asked for their usernames so I could check them out. I also found the history of the bags on here. It worked well for me. People have asked me in the past too and I tell. So far no one has been a scammer, from what I could tell.
  12. I don't mind giving my tpf name out if asked - though I've only been asked once, and it turned out to be somebody I already knew on tpf and had a lot of fun chatting with, so we had a good laugh over that!
  13. One other thing, I think that if you give out your tpf id all willy nilly, what happens if you get a scammer that then turns around and uses your id here to sell their fakes? All of a sudden you start getting slammed for something that you didn't do. I know it might make me paranoid, but the internetz are full of psychos! lol
  14. I've gotten that one liner question a couple of times. Didn't answer them and never heard back.

    In my experience an active pfer will send a short friendly email asking who I am on tPF, but also introducing themselves. Those I gladly respond to.
  15. I agree, if you are going to say it you need to be able to prove it.

    I don't sell purses but I don't like to mention my ebay names on any of the forums I am a member of. They are public and you just neve know what some people will do.