Givenchy Pandora

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  1. This is a pic of the color aubergine. I thought I was going to be a deep dark purple, like eggplant. It is not. It is a dark red that’s not as attractive as oxblood, in my opinion. So this is going back.

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  2. How soft does a small grained goat get, and how long did it take for yours to get that soft?

    I recently bought a small grained goat, and a mini pepe. I really love the softness of the mini pepe, but the grained goat is more stiff and boxy. If I used it every day for 6 months, will it get much softer?

    Once I ordered a small grained goat from Yoogis, that was listed as "Like New", and it was so soft that it literally puddled into a heap when I set it down. Like, completely flat. It was so weird - I know grained goats are pretty stiff when new, so I wasn't expecting that from Yoogis "Like New" description. Anyway, is it reasonable to expect that my grained goat will get as soft as a pepe, with continued use??
  3. ..finally pounced on this zebra velvet small pandora I'd been stalking all season when it popped up for 60% off during the BG holiday clearance
    small zebra.jpg
    I knew it be the perfect big sister to my pony hair animal print mini I've had and adored for ages
    animal pandoras.jpg
    I wore it the other day with a casual outfit and got so many compliments. I love that it's also a more carefree velvet than some of the velvet Gucci and SLs I've tried this season.

    While I'm not buying pandoras like I used to, I knew I had to have this one (ad pic):drool:
    Pandoras never "get old"....hope they keep making them in interesting variations!
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  4. Wow, it looks so soft and cuddly! Congrats!!!
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  5. ....just seeing this....attached is a pic of my goat medium that I posted recently in another thread that I've had for >5 years.
    panda fue.jpg
    I don't recall how long it took to relax....but I think wearing it a lot will speed the process along. I also have a caramel goat one I bought a year prior that looks similar as I pretty much wore nonstop when I got it. In contrast, I have a mastic goat pandora from a couple years ago that I wear less frequently that hasn't softened as much. HTH
  6. Does any one know the price of a mini pandora now?
  7. :happydance: finally I found the medium in a beautiful light grey with the black lining :heart:

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  8. Great find!

    I’m also considering a gray one. What is the official color name for this one?

    Do you plan on protecting it? Hesitant to purchase a gray bag, because I’m worried of stains and discolorations. Any suggestions?

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  9. I don't know the color , it's preowned
    and no ,
    I leave it untreated because the leather is perfect
  10. Falling in love with my purple panda again. My new wallet matches it so well![​IMG]
  11. Wow , that makes me awake ! :loveeyes:
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  12. I love the Pandora style , it's just perfect for me , so I'm waiting for this one , color is ocean blue

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  13. Me too, if they ever get rid of this style, I'll be sitting pretty with all of mine.

    What a great blue! Perfect with the silver hw. Goatskin really brings out vibrant colors.
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  14. :tup: exactly ! Should Givenchy ever do that then they would have to be ashamed !!
    The Pandora is an absolutely timeless design , imo
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